Pitti Uomo 92: a journey through innovative fragrances and cosmetic specialities

Attention is growing at Pitti Uomo towards the world of the most exclusive fragrances. It’s a journey that is highlighting some of the finest artistic perfumes at this season’s show, with an ever richer and more varied range. A selection of international house fragrances is on display in the HI BEAUTY section on the lower floor of the Central Pavilion, with a sophisticated design concept curated by Storage Associati. Still at the Central Pavilion, the Intertrade Group is offering a unique selection of fragrances to try out in the new AVERY Perfume Decanters. And there’s more besides: other Pitti Uomo worlds such as Unconventional – the section for luxury underground styles – or I Play – the sportswear planet projected into the future – are presenting novelties from international brands involved in innovative perfumery. These are the brands featuring in this season’s show:


@ Hi Beauty 
Atelier Oblique
A window onto our history. The key to our memories and forgotten moments – moments touched by powerful emotions. A fragrance is always marked by a distinctive and almost mystical signature of the moment. In a search for perfect harmony, these hand-cast scented candles from Atelier Oblique and designer Mario Lombardo celebrate luxury without compromise. Founded in 2015, Atelier Oblique is a Berlin-based fragrance house that is wholeheartedly dedicated to traditional scents. Atelier Oblique’s scented candles are developed and produced in the heart of the perfumer’s art – Grasse, in the south of France.
Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561 Florence Italy
Cosmetics with a simple image but outstanding quality for skin, hair and body. Fragrances that are never ordinary but refined so as to impress even the most exacting noses. All packaged in classic colours (black, white and silver). Focus on skincare and men’s shaving products, and on the new fresh unisex fragrance.
La Parfumerie Moderne
Modern perfumery started between the Belle Epoque and the Jazz era, at a time when the most luxurious hotels were going up all over Europe with the aim of attracting sophisticated travellers. The modern perfumer has drawn his inspiration from the timeless elegance of those legendary hotels for a line of scented messages. Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, together with the founder Philippe Neirinck, have created a range of fragrances dedicated to “grand buildings” such as the Hotel Meurice in Paris and the Dorchester Hotel in London.
Maison Bereto – Fragranza in Arte – Design Candles
a resin bowl from which the scent of cut grass is released. The Art Candles range derives instead from precious glasses created by hand-cutting and finishing bottles from the Colle Bereto cellars, decorated with unique designs. There is also Essenza Toscana Maison Bereto: gifts, fragrances, perfumed candles, home accessories. All inspired by nature and Tuscan culture. 
Morph Parfum
Morph is born from the ideas and creativity of a group of young designers and entrepreneurs. With the aim of offering an authentic "Luxury Essence Experience", Morph aims to create fragrances that identify whoever wears them. The ultimate must-have, a collection of exclusive fragrances that can generate the perfect union between perfume and skin.
Istanbul, where these perfumes are designed and created, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. A remarkable city in the richness of its history and culture, where different peoples have encountered and overlapped with each other for centuries, leaving behind a fascinating store of aromas and emotions that Nishane has enclosed within a range of rare perfumes: “Extrait de Parfum Collection”, composed of the finest raw materials. Each perfume is intended as a tribute to the city, and to its scents and aromas, which can reawaken our most powerful olfactory memories.
RPL Parfums
A brand that expresses the very personal style of Rupert Peter Landendinger, combining the experience and originality of France’s master perfumers with the most precious natural resources and the authenticity of approach of the Arab world in creating fragrances. The elegance of this collection has placed RPL Parfums among the most sought-after perfume businesses in Scandinavia. 
UNUM is a parallel journey into the dreamlike world of the spirit, immersed in the woods of our most secret sensations. UNUM, as olfactory couture open to all kinds of artistic fusion, seeks to speak of the inner self within each of us, celebrating what cannot be touched by our hands.
@ Unconventional
It is called Scent of Goti and it is a full line of fragrances, body creams, essences and aroma diffusers in five fragrances: Black, White, Earth, Gray and Smoke. The line features an attractive packaging design, with custom-made steel silk-screen printed bottles.
Naomi Goodsir Parfums
Original compositions created by an independent perfume brand in Grasse, the heart of artistic perfume. After Cuirs Velours, Bois d’Ascèse, Or du Sérail, Iris Cendré, Naomi Goodsir launches its new creation, Nuit de Bakélite, created by Isabelle Doyen: a green bouquet that is... addictive.
UNUM is a parallel journey into the dreamlike world of the spirit, immersed in the woods of our most secret sensations. UNUM, as olfactory couture open to all kinds of artistic fusion, seeks to speak of the inner self within each of us, celebrating what cannot be touched by our hands.
A Lab On Fire
A Lab On Fire is a limited production brand shrouded in mystery and with the collaboration of one of the most brilliant noses in the world of perfumery. No one knows exactly how A Lab On Fire operates: and it’s a mystery how Carlos Kusubayashi, the creative mind behind the brand, takes his business forward. Since 2015 A Lab on Fire has entrusted the development of the brand to Intertrade Group. The focus is on “Messy Sexy Just Rolled out of Bed” whose olfactory pyramid expresses a sensory awakening after a night of passion.
The uniqueness and expressive sensibility of the fragrances derive from the beauty of nature and of Scandinavian culture. The collection is also enriched by a capsule collection of candles and perfumes with the Scandinavian brand HOPE, unisex essences that have an enthusiastic following around the world. Then there’s White Lies, with its stunning bouquet that is both fresh and floral. 
Blood Concept
Blood Concept starts from the concept of no-gender; two perfumes designed to be worn by either him or her, with an inspiration deriving from David Bowie, the icon of gender-crossing. XY Nude Wood starts with coconut and cinnamon, and develops with cedarwood and nagarmotha.
@ I Play
A contemporary, advanced and simple approach to male grooming. In a male market that is constantly changing, where many men are returning to old-fashioned barbers for a tailor-made shaving ritual, others are turning to hair stylists for a cutting-edge look or haircut, or they’re finding the comprehensive attention they need at the new barber salons that combine the past and present: this is DEPOT®.