The concept lab of contemporary menswear is expanding and will make its debut at
the Sala delle Nazioni and the Strozzi Arena

Futuro Maschile has always been one of the sections that define the progress made in terms of research at Pitti Uomo, the concept lab on the most advanced expressions of contemporary-classic styles. Starting from this edition, Futuro Maschile will span a larger surface area in the exhibition and feature more brands. As well as its historical location in the Sala delle Nazioni, it will now also occupy the Strozzi Arena; a space designed to host ultra-selected collections focusing on the latest sportswear. The result is a refined, increasingly open-minded stylistic range.

Based in Paris, this brand of luxury bags and accessories in vegetable-dyed leather follows through a concept of minimal elegance where the beauty of every article exudes from its unique manufacture and resistance to time. New decorations rework the skin incisions practised by certain tribes during initiation rites into adulthood. 
Descente Allterrain
Based on the solid reasoning that form must follow function, this brand has been launched to equip all enthusiasts of the great outdoors with top preforming clothing, in terms of all-weather protection and comfort. This Made in Japan look is stripped of all superfluous elements. Performance is elevated by hi-tech fabrics combined with innovative techniques.
Passion, savoir faire and good taste come together in laid back, sunny and colourful Mediterranean elegance. It is a joyful and expressive concept of dressing. It offers an elegance the whole family can share, regardless of age and occasion, which focuses on the pleasure of being well-dressed, on using only Italian labour in its manufacture and on exhaustive research in identifying and selecting the highest quality fabrics.
Originally from Leipzig, the brand is a spin-off of the famous German manufacturers Etzold & Popitz. Today it is relaunched with a respectful look at its origins and its glorious heritage, in a collection whose design reveals influence by the Bauhaus movement.
Emanuele Bicocchi
A collection of jewels with gothic and byzantine inspiration reworked in a contemporary key. Raw surfaces, with an artisan roughness, are hand-moulded in the silver to blend with the pulvinus and plume decoration on the rings. The more elaborate pieces embrace the concept of “Horror Vacui”, linking to this brand’s glam rock, bold attitude.
ETQ Amsterdam
A footwear project founded in 2010 in Amsterdam, where it is designed, and produced in Portugal, Etq aims to espress the essence of minimalism in the wardrobe of today’s man. Design inspired by architecture and timeless masculine style for footwear that eliminate all superfluous elements, together ensuring attention to detail with maniacal accuracy.
Fileuse D’Arvor
The oldest textile machinery in Brittany, in operation since the twenties, is still making the typical marinière pullover worn by Breton sailors. Fileuse D’Arvor proudly perpetuates this strictly Made in France tradition through the unique style of its products and the hardy quality of yarn used.    
Jas MB London
David Beckham, Jude Law, Elle Macpherson and Sienna Miller are just some of the celebs who have elected the bags by this London brand to symbol status. Hand-worked luxury Italian leathers enhance the new collection of bags, accessories and suitcases with minimal design.
John Sterner
Alexander Stutterheim, creator of the iconic Swedish raincoat brand, has recently inaugurated a new collection of knitwear that respects both the slow fashion philosophy and a high-end aesthetic. The first phase is a line of custom-made fisherman’s sweaters: a celebration of pared-down style, handmade craftsmanship, minimalism and longevity.
Kirk Originals
The SS18 collection is a modern interpretation of classic fifties and sixties eyewear shapes, inspired by stars of film and music and men’s style icons, all taken from the company’s rich archives. Frames are subtly oversized and their distinctive look is supported by the quality of a product totally made in England, leather cases included.  
Theme SS18 collection is “Wave”, a pattern that hints at freedom and adventure, recalling the ancient Japanese tradition of pursuing a bright future by sailing the seas. A complete range of knitwear, tees, jacquard sweaters and jackets that feature a wave print, all of entirely artisan manufacture. 
Linda Farrow
The unexpected choice of material and colours featured in LF Man is a constant in Linda Farrow’s eyewear collections. Glasses that tell a story, such as the Polaroid/male portrait series used for the launch, revealing their eclectic, luxurious feel with lenses in 24k gold, rose gold and platinum teamed with jade, marble and quartz coloured acetates.  
Mey story
A story for the telling, a story of family, tradition and passion. Since 1928, this German company has produced the best yarns for its knitwear collection, carefully applying an eco-friendly logic to all the stages of the production chain. The focus of this new collection of the white tee, in the finest of hand-made materials: a basic becomes an expression of luxury.
Nine: inthe: morning
Tailoring is the beauty of cultured trousers, the voice of a culture of textile and processes that can be felt just by looking at them. Every pair of trousers, every garment, every “Nine” springs out of dialogue between the past, a time that enriches man with valuable knowhow, and the future, the time that by definition invites us to learn how to look beyond.
Pence 1979
Founded in 1979, Pence was relaunched by the founder’s children in 2010. The men and women’s collections focus on trousers and jeans, with two capsules: contemporary tailoring and denim capsule. A product featuring extreme attention to details and hand processes. 
Pezzol 1951
The project rotates around direct-injection technology from sole to upper, a construction with a hi-tech content that uses no glues, allowing the polyurethane sole to be heat welded to the upper, producing light, flexible products. Urban collections for the contemporary man who appreciates the crossover style.
Roberto Collina
The more linear the style, the more sophisticated the weaving is. Designed for high-end retail, the brand stands out for its selection of fine materials and the use of noble fibres—mohair, cashmere, alpaca, angora, camelhair and superlight merino, silk and ice cotton—while fully respecting its artisan origins and sector trends. 
A search for evasion, sobriety and harmony. Simple shapes highlighted by natural materials, hand-worked to accompany the globetrotter‘s travels. Slippers, city sandals, slip-ons for indoor and outdoor use flaunt an elongated silhouette in vibrant colours. Hyper-modern graphic impact that dialogues with ancient traditions.

The Gigi
This is the brand that Pierluigi “Gigi” and Mario Boglioli launched after sale of the shares of the company that bears their name. In 1999, Gigi imagined a unique personal piece of clothing, made using washing and dyeing techniques with a surprising result: the "garment-dyed" jacket. The Gigi is a new menswear project that manages to understand the needs of changing times.