Pitti Immagine Career Award: Ciro Paone

In one year’s time, he will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Kiton – one of the most famous industrial tailor shops in the world and one of the most evocative symbols of the inner soul of Naples, his city – but we are sure that for Ciro Paone that date will not be a milestone, however prestigious it may seem. Instead it will simply be another date in his timeless everyday work calendar, another reason for going to the company with the will to do something more, something better, to convey his boundless vitality to the family, to those who work closest to him, to the hands that cut, sew and piece together his creations on the large workshop floor in Arzano. And indeed, it is here, in the headquarters of Kiton – with its building housing offices and meeting rooms, its works of art, its canteens, the hallways that lead to the fabrics warehouse and the areas where the various production phases take place, its people who move around and seek each other out, its voices, the religious icons, between the holy and the profane – this is the place where we can best understand Ciro Paone. Trader, businessman, producer, trendsetter, pater familias, faithful follower of the principles of elegance and quality, believer in superstitions and yet citizen of the world. A world that revolves around the concept of the man’s suit, especially the jacket.

Pitti Uomo has also played a small and, we hope, useful part in the life and work of Ciro Paone– and the event held in Florence has always been one of those he has never wanted to miss. For this reason, but above all for everything that he has given and today continues to give to Italian fashion, Pitti Immagine is pleased to be presenting Ciro Paone with the Career Award.