The Pitti Immagine Uomo 2017 Award goes to WP-Lavori in Corso

An intuitive leap by Giuseppe and Cristina Calori led to the founding, in 1982 in Bologna, of WP Lavori in Corso, a small family-run business with big ideas and an insatiable appetite for innovation and research. That same year, Cristina Calori – president of WP - and Andrea Canè, creative director, packed up their curiosity and sense of irony and left for the U.S. with the firm intention of bringing back proposals as yet unknown to the Italian public: products and materials with precise meanings for consumers, with staying power, and in many cases, complete with previous certification based on longstanding, distinguished histories. This territory between the Via Emilia and the West – a bottomless crucible of entrepreneurial initiatives and imagination expressed in art and customs – was the first explored by WP in its ongoing adventure: globetrotting in search of ever-new objects and ideas. For the Italian market, under the artistic direction of Luca Caccioni, it was an absolutely new approach that touched down for the first time at Pitti Uomo in 1987. 

WP created what may be defined, for Italy, as the concept store ante litteram. Italy’s first, the WP Store brought together clothing, objects, books, newspapers and periodicals, art, music, comics; in short, products of all sorts, from all around the world, and contaminations galore. All of us here at Pitti Immagine learned a great deal from this original approach, which has also set apart our way of producing fashion trade shows with a renewed, cross-border spirit, open to all things.

Over the course of the intervening decades, WP has blazed other important trails, developing a distribution policy for the Italian and European territories, building a division devoted to licensing international-level brands, and acquiring the majority share in such an American icon as Woolrich in 2016. Still today, WP expresses its genetic coding for fidelity to the principles of researching and developing historic brands, evolving new brands, and cultivating ideas and energies for the fashion of the future, as is clear in its work – strictly “in progress” – with Baracuta.
This year’s Pitti Immagine Uomo Award goes to WP Lavori in Corso.