When outerwear becomes social.
The Divisible brand

Divisible revolutionizes the concept of outerwear by inventing the first divisible jacket. Maximum freedom of expression, where every item is literally made up by two halves and where every half is reversible. Creativity and identity are the buzzwords for customizing every item. These are the origins of a brand of social jackets, where an individual state (and maybe even a mood?) is shared and reflected in the final combination of the jacket. An innovative and circular zip allow the two components of each jacket to be united: by purchasing just half of the jacket in a store or online, the virtual game of creating your very own jacket of the moment begins. The choice is between different, similar, tone-on-tone, or completely opposite halves: everyone is free to create their own style or mood of the day, by combining the selected half with the main part of the jacket. An important emphasis is placed on the theme of eco-sustainability: the brand in fact matches a minimal unisex style with fabrics and paddings completely derived from recycled plastic bottles, for a 100% eco-friendly proposal. Divisible dresses this edition’s staff of Pitti Boys & Girls at the Fortezza Da Basso over the days of the fair.