Fanatic Feelings Market

On the occasion of Pitti Immagine Uomo 94 (Florence, 12-15 June 2018), the Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery will present Fanatic Feelings - Fashion Plays Football, an exhibition curated by Markus Ebner, founder of German fashion magazines Achtung Mode and Sepp Football Fashion, and contemporary art critic Francesco Bonami

Through a broad multimedia presentation, Fanatic Feelings will highlight the pioneering impact football has had on the world of men’s fashion igniting the fusion of tailoring and sportswear early on. To give further weight to this, Ebner and Bonami have handpicked a small group of designers to make one-of-a kind football fashion pieces for the FANATIC FEELINGS MARKET that is part of the exhibition. As Fanatic Feelings is a multimedia show with no actual pieces, the Market will be part of the exhibition itself, and hence play a prominent role. 
Built like a ticket booth in a stadium, the Market will be open every day from June 11th till July 22nd.
Highlights include: 
_ A women’s haute couture project by Christelle Kocher of Koché Paris who has established herself as the go-to designer in the collaboration game with her Paris Saint-Germain project which has received worldwide media attention. For the Market, Kocher designed a special World Cup limited edition capsule. She created artisanal pieces from vintage national football jerseys: deconstructed, cut, reassembled and embellished, each piece is unique and forms an international dream team collection; 
_ To highlight the belief that a handmade approach is also relevant in sportswear, designer Aldo Maria Camillo, formerly creative director and board member of Maison Cerruti in Paris, creative consultant & design director at Berluti and one of the trailblazing voices in men’s tailoring, is making a football warm-up pant. He defies expectations for good old sweatpants by mixing handmade stitches and laser-cut techniques, multiple fabric mixes with a low cut. 
_ When Alessandro Sartori decided to let activewear and sports guide his Z ZEGNA approach, he hit a nerve. It started first with skiing, then sailing and trekking, while this year it is tennis and soon it will be the turn of football as these vertically striped, color-blocked TECHMERINO polos with football crests prove; 
_ Paul Surridge is well on his way to reinventing Roberto Cavalli and is playing to his strength with a men’s show at this edition of Pitti. His subtle use of animal prints and python skins has been a winning formula. For the Market he created footballs handmade one by one. Of course all made in Italy; 
_ MCM is the German-born luxury house that is currently making headlines with a Pitti fashion event with its home in Berlin. Kostas Murkudis, the Berlin based designer, has been collaborating with Sepp Football Fashion since its first issue in 2002 when he handmade a football jersey. Together they have teamed up to make a football fan kit including jersey, fanny pack and iPhone holder for the global nomad fan.
_ The Market will also unveil the third edition of #YOOXSOCCERCOUTURE, a project between Yoox and Sepp Football Fashion which brings together 14 designers from all five continents representing the World Cup: they all make a sweatshirt representing the colors of their countries. As fashion is an expression of freedom and creativity, we wanted to double up on Russia by asking Alexander Terekhov and Walk of Shame. Also on the field Y/Project for Belgium and Kolor for Japan as playmakers, and many more;
_ Saskia Diez is based in Munich but she has become one of the most closely watched talents in the jewelry design world, which is generally dominated from Paris. For the Market she conceived the Soccer Jewels project. A football formation is a set of numbers that defines the positions of a football team on the field. The 4-3-3 scheme plays four defenders, three midfielders and three forwards and is interpreted by Diez using pearls and gold strands to make beautiful earrings;
_ Finalist of the prestigious Andam Awards 2018 – a brainchild of Pierre Bergé – Pierre Kaczmarek created his Afterhomework brand in 2014 when he was just 15 years old and still in school – hence the aptly chosen name. For the Market, this youngster lent his sensibility to the latest batch of PSG jerseys, the fashion capital’s football fashion icon;
_ Anton Ioukhnovets is a brilliant New York-based art director who has redesigned the current New York Times Magazine, the current US edition of Esquire and the new issue of Sepp Football Fashion. Plus the Fanatic Feelings catalogue. In the style of the classic Russian constructivist school, he brings bold brushstrokes to the pages of magazines. For Fanatic Feelings he designed the logo and some of the exclusive posters available in the Market.
Part of the proceeds from the sales of garments and accessories at Fanatic Feelings Market will help to support the activities of Centro Storico Lebowwski, a Florentine amateur sport's association born from the emanation of its fans. The C.S. Lebowwski was founded in 2004, when a handful of bored and hopeful high school students, affected by the unconsciousness of adolescence, began to follow AC Lebowwski, the last team of the last Florentine football league. In 2010, that group of twenty-year-old youths, along with dozens of supporters and students, re-established the team as Centro Storico Lebowski with an ambitious project: bringing genuine and unconventional support to the stadium stands, and creating a football club based on collective responsibility, solidarity and self-financing. Today C.S. Lebowwski has a youth team, two women's teams and a football school in the San Frediano neighborhood based on the same principles of cooperation and accessibility. Moreover C.S. Lebowwski has just won the First Category league. Why did we choose the Lebowwski Historic Center? Because it's young, inclusive, and doesn't mind too much the shirts' color.
The proceeds from the sales of handmade footballs by Roberto Cavalli will help to support the Meyer Children Hospital in Florence.