Les Hommes Urban, the new uniforms of urban youth subcultures

LHU - Les Hommes Urban, the streetwear brand with all the creative features of LH reread in a fun and playful spirit, explores new colors and volumes, while taking its inspiration from the artistic disciplines of the street - street art, street dance and street sport. Les Hommes Urban embodies all the expressions of urban life of the most important “street” cities worldwide: New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul, proposing itself as the uniform of international urban youth subcultures. Symbols, codes, and stylistic features from the street community are reread in a playful and ironic key for a simple, iconic, and democratic collection characterized by daily coolness. Flashes of violet and fuchsia for jersey and sweatshirts, matched with washed Oxford fabrics and fleece trousers with drawstrings. Maxi nylon parkas and all-over prints with features stolen from street culture are perfectly matched with super-destroyed washed jeans and maxi sweatshirts with playful neon city writings.