Nick Wooster X Paul&Shark.
My ideal customer? Me!

Highlights at this edition include Nick Wooster X Paul&Shark, a capsule collection that tells the story of the Italian brand Paul & Shark through the eyes of this eclectic American designer.
Mission, an even more fashion-oriented clientele, thanks to his interpretation of the brand’s icons. The classic Paul&Shark blue woollen sweater with buttons on the shoulders is reworked and produced in nylon with neon details, a signature mark of this designer’s style, and with a leaner fit. Cashmere goes ultralight for knits, patchworks of stripes borrowed from the world of shirting are adapted for use on parkas, shirts, cargo shorts and shorts. Outerwear is often reversible, revealing two personalities that contrast like the fabric combos. With the wearer in mind, the only customer to inspire Nick Wooster is himself: a collection of items based on what he personally would like to wear.