P.O.P. Arena

The new bar/lounge area

The new bar/lounge area decorated in optical technicolor will make the Pitti experience even more enjoyable for exhibitors and visitors alike. Sets are conceived and designed by lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni.  


Here’s a sampling of events already scheduled for the new P.O.P. ARENA:
_ “In search for the new masculinity”: live conversations from Scandinavian MAN
The new magazine and platform that help launch Nordic fashion brands to the world, Scandinavian MAN and its editor-in-chief Konrad Olsson will host a number of live conversations under the headline “In search for the new masculinity”, leading some of the industry’s leading figures in conversations around the evolution of menswear, innovation in retail and e-commerce and the future of media and magazines.
Lardini celebrates its 40th anniversary with an event that will be held in a special area at the Fortezza da Basso: a breakfast that will be also a full immersion into the brand’s stylistic universe of colored flowers.
Cuoio di Toscana is the rock heart of P.O.P Pitti Optical Power: music is the central idea of #Leathersolerocks party, a tribute to the hide used for the soles best-loved by international labels and preview of the upcoming big project from Cuoio di Toscana.