Street painting is the new street photography: a talk with Suwa Im

She doesn't like to define herself, Suwa In. Her job? Live-painting, street painting, portrait art ... She prefers to let this emerge through the people who see and feel her portraits.

A fashion illustrator based in Seoul, Suwa travels the world and fashion weeks looking for stylish and charismatic people that are able to attract her attention. So, in fact, her work is based on observing fashion people in their environment of election, the fashion shows.
What is your relationship with fashion?
I majored in fashion design and worked as a fashion designer in New York. Since then, I have been living with fashion all the time. 

What do you like most about your work?
It is good to see the people and draw them in person. I love to draw people a vivid feeling by sharing our energy for a few minutes. 
What is the most funny thing that happened while drawing in front of a fashion show? 
While charismatic fashion people were standing in front of me as being a model, they turn out to be very shy. That part is the most interesting and fun. 
What do you expect from Pitti Uomo?
There are a lot of mens in pitti dressed in classy yet fashionable style. I expect to draw their looks as much as I can. 

What are you going to do in Florence?
Except work? I’d like to eat Toscana foods!