Oriental inspirations, Italian know-how. The style of White Sand

In the heart of Emilia Romagna, a land of traditions, the White Sand brand is conceived by expert artisan hands. Study and research on Far East influences are combined with Italian warmth and taste, creating distinct lines and simple, delicate colors that are never invasive. The meticulous care taken with each detail creates harmony between materials and design, balancing the union between two antique, yet always cutting-edge, cultures, which are the forerunners to and representatives of a timeless style. The choice to bring two such distant traditions together is sign of the desire to select the very best of two different worlds, while extensively studying their harmony. The White Sand women’s collection wraps around the female body with slender shapes, expressing a multi-colored elegance. White Sand dresses this edition’s staff of Pitti Boys & Girls at the Fortezza da Basso over the days of the event.