2019 Pitti Immagine Career Merit Award to Luigi Settembrini

It’s not by chance that Marco Boglione, founder of BasicNet Spa, who is also a great fan of Steve Jobs, has acquired an extensive number of mementos over the years that include the legendary Apple-1, first assembled in 1976 in the founder’s Lost Altos garage that represents the first historical headquarters of this leading American company. 


The name of the group founded in Turin in 1994 was inspired by the first computer programming language adopted by Apple in the beginning – the BASIC language – immediately proclaiming the originality of Boglione’s project: that of a “fully web integrated company”, a virtual and physical network of businesses and independent entrepreneurs that produce and distribute BasicNet branded products under license.


BasicNet is the first marketplace in the history of clothing, the first successful experiment in this sector to assimilate the central role of the web and integrate it into its own business model: producers from around the world which, under license, sell to licensees for global distribution, pass exclusively through the platforms developed by BasicNet which are headed by all of the company’s strategic activities, including its research and development of collections, their industrialization, global marketing, strategic financing, constant development of the licensee network and – naturally – the constant implementation of patented software.

A group that in and of its own already has all the potential of an international horizon.  Today, in fact, BasicNet is a multinational corporation listed in the Italian Stock Exchange (1999), which has gradually added important and universally known brands to its portfolio like Kappa, Robe di Kappa, Jesus Jeans, Superga, K-Way, Sabelt, Briko and Sebago; all leading clothing, footwear, and accessory brands for the informal, fashion and lifestyle, and technical- sports sectors, which altogether recorded a sales revenue of almost 900 million euros in 2018 (up +17% over 2017), with a consolidated net profit of 21 million euros (up +97.4%), through the very best retailers in 130 different countries and in 1,239 flagship stores, with over 600 workers employed in Italy alone.   

From “Football Sport Merchandise”, which was established by Marco Boglione in Turin in 1983 (to the takeover in 1994 of the long-standing “Maglificio Calzificio Torinese” originally founded in 1916, and the subsequent rewriting of its business model in a digital version), the pathway leading to BasicNet Spa has been both long and arduous and lightning-fast at the same time. As to the rest, BasicNet follows in the spirit of a world that was and continues to be changed in great leaps and bounds through the Information Technology Revolution. Marco Boglione and his company BasicNet have interpreted this spirit in the very best way.

They are the winners of the “2019 Pitti Immagine Uomo Award”