Dynamic, Notorious, Attitude: are the three key words chosen by Bikkembergs for the creative development of its collections, placing the accent on the brand’s sportswear origins. The Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collection takes these three words to heart and enriches the brands DNA with a more urban dimension. To underline the decision to blend the first and second lines, Bikkembergs presents a more hybrid wardrobe, conceived to team an iconic sportswear look with an innovative, formal style. Featuring multi-tasking items – often with distinctive graphics, techno or embroidered patches – that combine materials, such as wool and nylon, wool and fleece or wool and leather, in a range of dense saturated masculine tones: intense blue, black and anthracite grey.

This encounter of the past with the future is confirmed by the new take on the three-dot pattern, previously created by the brand’s founder Dirk Bikkembergs and today given a more contemporary slant by its new creative director Lee Wood. These decorative elements appear on a series of items, featuring an appealing interplay of colours and dimensions. A recurring feature on t-shirts, shirts, sweaters, in micro or macro versions, depending on where they appear. Spontaneous and decidedly dynamic, the bomber and the peacoat are among the key pieces of this wardrobe, while the tecno camouflage print appears in ton-sur-ton nuances on outerwear, sweatshirts, zip cardigans, shirts, t-shirts and jeans.