The eco-technological turning point in menswear. When eco rhymes with style

Eco-sustainability becomes the key word also in the world of contemporary classic men’s fashion. Research touches new levels of technological experimentation, applying itself to creative and alternative materials, coming from the virtuous practice of recycling among others. Its eco-oriented spirit is joined by a meticulous look that does not ignore style, inserting futuristic details like heat-welded seams, iridescent fabrics, and laser cuts. Which Pitti Uomo brands have made eco-sustainability their own personal calling card? The Swedish brand Tretorn, together with the Finnish brand Makia, launch a sailing collection at Pitti Uomo inspired by Åland. The scope of the Peace Islands Collection is hyper-sustainable: part of all sales will be donated to the John Nurminens foundation for a clean Baltic Sea. And the raincoats are made from recycled polyester. RÆBURN founded its brand based on a sustainable and intelligent design: the Remade ethic was a pioneer in the re-elaboration of fabrics and clothes to create distinctive and functional items. A pioneer in sustainable fashion, Ecoalf, focuses on innovation and technology, sustainability and design: discarded fishing nets, used plastic bottles, worn out tires, post-industrial cotton and even used coffee grinds become outerwear, swimwear, sneakers and accessories. A technical and eco-sustainable line is that of the Esemplare brand: heat-welded seams, reflective fabrics with fiberglass and laser cuts. The theme of eco-sustainability is inserted in both external and internal materials: a focus on innovative synthetic Ecodown Fibers 100% recycled from plastic bottles, which together with recycled wool and imitation fur, allow for high levels of warmth to be achieved. Save the Duck celebrates the triumph of vegan climber Kuntal A. Joisher, who arrived at an altitude of 8,516 meters wearing a Save the Duck suit. Nous Etudions is not just a fashion brand, but a clear declaration of new generations: sustainability, no gender and vegan awareness are part of the message that Romina Cardillo communicates in every product. Yatay, premium cutting-edge footwear brand, which is above all eco-sustainable, combines luxury and quality in respect for the environment: sneakers, completely made using eco-friendly materials, are presented in boxes created from recycled plastic bottles. The Aeance Collection 03, developed in collaboration with industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, is based on cutting-edge eco-sustainability: 96% of the fabrics are recycled, natural, biodegradable, or organic based. Praised as the next icon for the Clarks archive, the hybrid sport moccasin Seven 14 promotes the brand’s mission of responsibility in the production of 3.0 shoes: the meticulous design reduces waste, while keeping the use of glue to a minimum, with a soft and flexible upper made up by seven pieces, a rubber recycled sole, and natural cork midsole. Sophisticated style with a sustainable heart for Riz, the British men’s swimwear brand in which swim shorts are produced in an exclusive series with unique prints and made from recycled plastic bottles.