Mark Brashear, President & CEO, John Varvatos, New York:
I am happy to have attended Pitti Uomo, it is a good occasion for the menswear world, full of changes and new ideas. The trend shows a big return to the classics but with an internationally flavored twist and this can be fully perceived at the fair. The buyers we met were absolutely optimistic and came from all over the world: this is the first time we have taken part and we were pleasantly astonished by the huge international display the fair offers. Pitti Uomo is undoubtedly the best menswear show on a worldwide level and the atmosphere is extremely agreeable.

Karina Griffin, co-proprietor, Griffin, Devon, UK:
We have been taking part in Pitti Uomo for several seasons and we are very satisfied! I think that the I GO OUT section, where we exhibit our collections, reflects the actual changes in the menswear world and its greater attention to male lifestyles. We met with top buyers from stores and department stores all over the world, the selection available in the fair is truly remarkable.

Thomas Salomon, General Manager, Yves Salomon, Paris:
We decided to return to Pitti Uomo after an absence of a few years because we are investing in the men’s collection and the fair undoubtedly represents the best way to communicate this. Pitti Uomo is the most important menswear fair; everything is of the highest quality, starting with the layout that I really appreciated, and the organization. A regular international showcase: we met many buyers from Italy, Germany and Japan.

Luca Sartori, President Altea, Milan:
An edition that was perfectly in line with the others. We recorded good movement at our stand and met buyers from every part of the world. I would say that there was nothing missing and our expectations were more than satisfied!

Edoardo Fassino, CEO, PT Pantaloni, Turin:
Pitti Uomo is a very important rendezvous because it represents the only opportunity for exchanging ideas with our clients, apart from the showroom in Milan. It is our way of dialoging with the market. At this edition I really appreciated the layout which was more beautiful than usual, and the truly original and well-prepared The Pitti Box theme. As usual we met an international selection of buyers and I am very satisfied.

Giulia Sani, Trade Marketing Manager, Buttero, Milan:
We are very fond of Pitti Uomo: this is where we launched our brand and we always return very willingly! For us the fair represents the beginning of the season, where we record the first feedback about the collections and understand what our strengths will be. At this edition we noticed an even higher selection of buyers, less quantity and more quality, absolutely international.

Giovanni Zara, proprietor, Barena Venezia:
Pitti Uomo is the only fair we take part in and, together with our Milan showroom and the Temporary Store in Paris, represents our showcase for the world. In fact the fair brings a very international public to us and that is a very important aspect: the quality is truly very high. I have always been a fan of Pitti anyway!

Andrea Canè, Creative Director, Woolrich, Bologna:

This season represented a very important moment for us: we had to present our change of proprietorship, logo and image to the public. To do this in the best possible way we chose a method that would allow us to have more time available with the clients: in the Fortezza we have recreated a pathway that unfurled through a performance, a showroom with our collections and the Convivio, a space where clients could stop for lunch. I am very satisfied with the attendance registered and the great amount of interest we felt: Pitti Uomo proved itself to be an excellent showcase!