a high-altitude sensory experience curated by Dan Mauger of Visual Fodder

INFINITY BOX, the special video-art gallery that immerses visitors of Pitti Uomo 95 in the world of THE PITTI BOX, will offer a high visual-energy-emotional quotient experience through a selection of contributions by video artists from the international creative scene. INFINITY BOX is curated by Dan Mauger, founder of Visual Fodder, a cult online platform for visual art, design and animation. Launched in 2016, based in London, Visual Fodder is now one of the largest visual arts platforms with a global community of over 474,000 users and a monthly reach of over 14 million Instagram users. Visual Fodder works with brands and agencies to direct, edit, produce and distribute original and engaging content around the world.

Here are the video artists who are the protagonists of the Infinity Box:

Steven Baltay

Steven Baltay is a 3D artist and animator based in Brooklyn, NY, who received his MFA in motion art from Pratt Institute. He created his thesis film Home Delivery in 2017, earning the Pratt DDA award for best story and screenings at multiple film festivals. He then worked as Senior 3d Generalist at Quidd Inc while creating his Instagram account @realimposter that has now grown to over 30,000 followers. Steven is working full time as a freelancer and his previous clients include: Adobe, Rose Pilkington (Ports 1961), Polite World Wide, and Noire Studio. @realimposter

Alessio De Vecchi

Alessio De Vecchi was born Milan and graduated in Industrial design at Istituto Europeo di Design. He has been working for over ten years as an art director and cg artist in New York and Tokyo with clients such as Adidas, Shiseido, Samsung, Citibank, La Prairie, H&M. His creations have earned accolades from Vogue, I.D.Magazine, The Creators Project, Monitor and Icon. He is currently preparing his debut art exhibition with gallery Fabrica Eos, in Milan. @alessiodevecchi

Arben Vllasaliu

Arben Vllasaliu is a freelance visual and 3D artist based in Kosovo. Growing up in a family of artists he discovered his passion for art at an early age. After graduating from the High School of Arts in Gjilan (Republic of Kosovo) he honed his skills working for leading design companies in Kosovo before embarking on his solo career. Having over ten years of experience in graphic design, ranging from web design to video production, he now focuses on his own projects as a freelance visual and 3D artist. His animations on social media, such as instagram and Facebook, are renowned for their satisfying look and feel and have been viewed by millions of people across the globe. @arbenl1berateme

Remi Cabarrou

Rémi Cabarrou is a French 3D artist based in Paris. His role as a creative director in advertising for the past 8 years has given him the opportunity to work on numerous projects for prestigious brands such as Netflix, Playstation and Coty. His primary focus is on CG animation and photorealistic rendering. He has a strong fascination for dynamic simulation and likes to explore surreal interactions between materials usually in the most satisfying ways. @rogerkilimanjaro

Maurice Fransen

Maurice Francen combines experimental photography, graphic design & motion design for well know brands such as CÎROC and LVMH / Digital Atelier. From his studio based in Maasland The Netherlands he explores new ways to achieve visually stunning experiments. @stracknl

Joe Ryba

As an artist and designer living in Houston, Texas, Joseph Ryba has worked on projects for clients small and large across industries including oil and gas, medical, technology and fashion. He has a constant and unwavering hunger to continue learning and improving his craft. His curiosity and drive have pushed him to create something on a daily basis, with the second straight year of dailies coming to an end. @joe_ryba

Flavio Carvalho

Flavio Carvalho is a brazilian graphic designer and art director based in San Francisco, California. Throughout his career, he has specialized in creative strategies and visual concepts with cultural significance and commercial applications. He has a passion for modernist aesthetics. Clients include Nike, Google, Adidas and Goodyear.

Frank Guzzone

Frank Joseph Guzzone is a 3D designer and Art Director living in Brooklyn, New York. Frank's visual experiments inform the playful and colorful worlds he creates. Frank has worked with brands including Adidas, Apple, La Prairie, Moncler, Perrier, Rimowa, and more. His work has been featured in publications including 032c, Plastik Magazine, and Etapes. @fjg_3d

Mark Malta

Mark Malta is an emerging visual artist whose still frames and loops elicit a sense of calm and tranquility. Mark has been a self taught UX Designer and Web Developer since 2005. He has designed and developed applications and websites for clients ranging from Cisco, Disney and Jordan to Facebook, Instagram and Oculus. Although accomplished in his career, he has always had a strong design to share his vision. In August 2017, after many years of exploring applications and mediums, Mark took to using Cinema4D and has been posting art to his Instagram account almost daily since and had reached 10,000 followers in just over a year. Mark’s passion for music has always been a core driver and his primary source of inspiration. He’s had a gift for for “seeing” music in shapes and colors ever since he was a child. Mark now brings his ideas to life in a methodical, detailed fashion. Years of interaction design experience has contributed to Mark’s fixation on getting focal points to “feel right”. Mark is currently a Lead Designer at a digital agency in Orlando, FL. He will be releasing several audio/visual collaborations in 2019. @markmalta

Philip Lueck

Philip Lück is a 3D artist from Trier, Germany. His career as a full time 3D artist started in early 2015 after creating Instagram dailies for two years. During this time he started an internship at FOREAL setting his path in the world of freelancing Lück has worked with many clients, such as NIKE, Samsung and Google. In his free time Lück continues to create his instagram dailies and animation pieces, all of which have his hallmark surrealist feel with a fun and playful twist. @philiplueck

Luigi Honorat

Luigi Honorat is a French artist based in Tokyo. Self-taught CG artist, he studied sculpture in a Japanese art university. His practice bridges the two mediums, using computer graphics to explore new sculptural forms and ways to create. Alternatively, using the principles of sculpture to inform his practice in computer graphics. He is looking for a the balance between the slow pace of physical sculpture making and the very fast pace of digital media. His practice focuses on the meaning of reality and virtuality, matter and data, beauty and the uncanny. Recent clients include L'Oréal, Apple, Visual Fodder and Wieden+Kennedy @luigihonorat