Alex Bellini makes a guest appearance at 'Land Flag: From Waste to New Materials'


Land Flag: From Waste to New Materials is a series of conversations curated by Angela Rui, design critic and curator, where she shares stories on our relationship with the Planet and the materials we produce and manipulate. Land Flag is hosted by Reflections, a new space – in the Lyceum in Fortezza da Basso – devoted to sharing and reflecting on themes that have a different perspective and approach. The conversations all originate from the name and the definition we assign to the place we live in – Earth? Nature? Gaea? World? – and from the interpretation and approach that derive from this.

Land Flag opened with Alex Bellini, explorer, solitary navigator, motivational speaker and performance coach. He related how his journeys had originally been individual and sparked by the need to understand himself. In 2005, when sailing the Atlantic Ocean, he reached a turning point when he found himself without food for five days and succeeded in surviving by landing on a small archipelago. Through this experience, he realised that the little boat on which he was sailing was a metaphor for the Earth and its natural resources that are running out. Since then, his trips have focused on protecting and respecting the planet, such as 10 Rivers 1 Ocean, in which Bellini will sail the ten most polluted rivers in the world on rafts built using recycled materials, with the help of the local people, to raise awareness about the problem of microplastics and the Great Pacific Patch.

The talk ended with the question “Where do we really want to go?” and with a consideration on conceiving the future as a consequence of the present, rather than as its continuation.