For the last and final installation of the 5 CURATORS/ ONE SPACE, I will be curating, together with Noriaki Moriguchi (GQ JAPAN Fashion Director) the best of Tokyo based designers. I will also show my appreciation of our unique friend and co curator of the previous installations of 5 CURATORS/ ONE SPACE, Gerold Brenner. Mr Brenner will be presenting his new collection based on his passion; denim and man skirts. I’ve also curated a short edit of the AW19 Collection of Norwegian Rain and T-Michael. In other words a constellation of some of the exciting and conceptual brands at the moment. Tradition/ innovation/ avant garde/ Japanese sensibility and the purest joy of creativity reflecting today's zeitgeist! Truth is in the details!


The line up:

BEAUGAN -clothes
Y. & SONS- bespoke kimonos
GEROLD BRENNER -denim and skirts
NORWEGIAN RAIN -sartorial charged waterproof clothing
T-MICHAEL -conceptual approach to men’s tailoring

Is a portmanteau of the word “beautiful” and the Australian slang word for an unsophisticated person, “Bogan”. Beaugan advocates that the qualities it reveals can be created from a foundation whose elements are primal, humble and from the earth."

came out of a neologism combining CALM (serene, quiet) with ANTHOLOGY (a collection of poems). I defined CALMANTHOLOGY as a “Wordless Anthology.” “Wordless anthology” is the phrase that came to mind when I first saw Atget’s work. Serene and quiet, his pictures capture a voiceless world. By constantly bringing an unparalleled level of devotion to his subject, he arrived, finally, at what is ultimately appealing. Undistracted by the changing times, Atget remained true to his own principles, an approach I have reflected in the shoes I make. Based on the concept of “tradition and evolution,” the standard I offer brings an added essence to what I have learned from my predecessors, for a sense of balance that is uniquely Japanese. This is a modern pret-a-porter shoe brand for the gentleman of refinement, rooted in the philosophy of “a shoe just for you”.

With our carefully designed and crafted hats, MAISON Birth provides you with fashionability for any occasion. Our range of hats are not only practical for daily use but also feature our distinctive and original style. MAISON Birth uses the very best in Japanese craftsmanship and will endeavour to spread out our Japanese-made hats throughout Japan and the rest of the world. Graduated from Bunka Fashion College After working as a designer for a major hat manufacturer, SEITA started his career as a freelancer working with various men's/ladies' hat brand shops and High End Shops. He launched his own brand MAISON Birth in the A/W season of 2011. He has strong ties with domestic artisans and he aims to bring out the very best in Japanese craftsmanship through his own designs creations. His main goal with MAISON Birth is to introduce his Japanese-made hats to the world.

Is a bespoke kimono concept store that inspires and reflects contemporary fashion. Yamato's first-ever stand-alone men's kimono shop. Yamato Co., Ltd., a company with a history going back 100 years. With the aim of achieving a new kimono culture that blends seamlessly with contemporary lifestyles and cultural trends, we are breathing new life into the kimono world while making sure to preserve the traditions and charms unique to this singularly Japanese type of dress. We hope that everyone, particularly those who feel kimono have no place in modern life, will give KIMONO try for themselves and experience the new type of lifestyle this clothing can bring.

Gerold Brenner learned bespoke tailor and studied Fashion Design in the 1980s Worked as Designer and Creative Director for big companies in Europe for 25 years. Since 5 years freelance as trend forecaster and designer. Customized products and ‘BRENNER my denim soul’ an up-cycling denim collection From SS19 ‘GEROLD BRENNER’ a men/unisex collection, sustainable and slow fashion. The collection is inspired by ethnical, multicultural and historical influences and transformed to our time. Handmade, recycling, up-cycling and natural dye are base of this collection. Ambassador of the man skirt

Award winning rain wear from Bergen Norway. A sartorial take on extreme, waterproof outerwear inspired by Japanese sensibility and life in the rainiest city of Europe - Bergen, Norway. "The philosophy is simple. Hard core functional and waterproof outerwear that does not compromise on stylistic preferences. The hi-tech is hidden". Norwegian Rain's garments conceal some of the highest level of weather protection available.

A conceptual approach to men’s tailoring inspired by his love of sartorial traditions and his passionate quest for a different narrative within tailoring, design and creativity, to celebrate stylistic and cultural diversities present in today's zeitgeist. T-Michael is the half part of the award winning Norwegian Rain; Sartorial raincoats concealing the highest level of weather protection available, designed in the rainiest city in Europe, with hints of Japanese sensibility. Creator of the award winning T-KIMONO together with Y. & Sons, (Yamato Ltd) a traditional kimono maker in Japan established in 1917 with over 135 stores in Japan. The concept is to present the kimono as an everyday menswear staple in the wardrobe of men today. Welcome to the creative universe of T-Michael.