D.R. Harris

Since 1790, this historic London pharmacy has been offering its sophisticated clientele personal care products of unsurpassed quality. A unique example of dedication to tradition supported by ongoing scientific development. Shaving, hygiene and personal care products made with the expertise of the Royal Court’s pharmacy. The iconic Arlingon line is joined by the new Windsor line of fragrances with warm green notes.

Essenzialmente Laura di Laura Bosetti Tonatto

The Essenziali di Laura collection is composed of 9 fragrances presented in the unique eau de parfum format of 50 ml. Perfumes of great character that decode in an unmistakable way the style and art of Laura Bosetti Tonatto. Among the most harmonious fragrances is Focu Meu: the wonder and surprise of a warm and irresistible blend to be worn with silk and cashmere. Plus, the La Spa collection presents a complete range of products for the face, body, and home perfect for proposing in the most renowned Spas worldwide.

Farmacia SS. Annunziata dal 1561 Firenze Italy

Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, a city of apothecaries, pharmacists and alchemists. For more than 450 years, Farmacia SS. Annunziata has overlooked one of the most beautiful cities in the world, creating high prestige products. Wearing a SS. Annunziata perfume is similar to strolling through the streets of Florence, ready to perceive the fragrances of the ancient barber shops, historic pharmacies, or ancient tanneries. An experiential, sensorial journey that transports the history of yesteryear into the reality of the present.

Maison Bereto - Fragranza in Arte

The Art Candles line comes about from precious glasses created by taking bottles from the Colle Bereto cellars, carving and finishing them by hand then decorating them with distinctive designs. And here is Essenza Toscana by Maison Bereto: objects, fragrances, scented candles, home accessories. All inspired by nature and Tuscan culture.

Morph Parfum

Morph comes about from the ideas and creativity of a group of young designers and entrepreneurs. With the aim of offering an authentic “Luxury Essence Experience”, Morph looks to create scents capable of identifying the person wearing them. The starting point, a collection of 11 exclusive fragrances, capable of generating a unique combination of perfume and skin.

Soul Couture

A journey through the soul’s intimate weaves. Our deepest ego hosts passions, instincts, memeories, and fabrics made of emotions that become colorful and get shaped by the noblest essences. Soul Couture wants to give light to details and to the seams of these emotional creases. A union between inner reality and style that creates fragrances able to talk about us. A sartorial collection that goes beyond gender’s boundaries and points straight to the soul.

Familia Familia

The name links the fragrances to an idea of family as a nucleus of affection. Wake me Up, Enjoy Weekend, Deal and Family in Love, composed by Luca Maffei, are four olfactory postcards that evoke respectively the energy of an awakening, the escape of a weekend, the initials of a change and an afternoon in the company of loved ones. The bouquets are all unisex.