WonderFood Pitti

A tribute to the cultural importance of food today

Why WonderFood Pitti? Because food is wonderful: it nourishes us, it’s fun, it brings us together. And because – now more than ever – we are all talking about it. So, if we talk about fashions, lifestyles and what’s happening on the contemporary scene at Pitti Immagine, how can we not talk about food?. And that is precisely why WonderFood Pitti is the key theme for our summer fairs. The thirtyfive scarecrows guarding the WonderFood Pitti fantasy gardens and nature’s real bounties that you will be able to taste at the fair are wearing clothes designed specifically for them by thirtyfive Pitti Uomo designers and brands.

10A - Suspender Trousers Company

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"Given the size of the straw figures and the fact that it's now summer, we wondered if we could turn them into scare-seagulls for the seaside".

Touch! SALE DELLA RONDA A, stand 17


"The Barena collection features not only inspiration and tradition, but also the use and interpretation of high quality natural fabrics, from wools to linens. Even our choice of fabrics, all strictly Italian, shows our desire to guard a heritage, that of the textile culture. Special attention is paid to details and finishes, which make the garments unique despite their simplicity. This is the birth of a product devised and produced entirely in the Venetian hinterland".

Touch! SALE DELLA RONDA A, stand 32



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"Dockers® Alpha Khaki “where jeans end and khaki begins”, this season has evolved, still in-keeping with the distinct top-block (with five pocket) only now with premium executions bringing seasonal newness. SS13 offers a sharp range of finishes and construction details; rigid twill waxed finish, a slub twill canvas and an authentic selvedge, each giving a completely different attitude. The Dockers® Alpha Khaki is the biggest thing to happen to the khaki category for years".

Urban Panorama QUINTE TEATRO, Piano Terra


"The concept is the mixture of today and the past.
Inspired by the vintage cloth and bring the collection into the market with today's technick or technology".

Urban Panorama MAGAZZINO 02, stand 1



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The Earth is Female
"The garment was designed with a desire to pay tribute to the Earth and its fruits, enhancing its elegance and femininity through a knitted structure that interprets the colour and lines of uneven gently undulating ground. The Earth is Female is the title of the work by Eleonora Niccolai, a concept that in addition to expressing the Earth as a source of life in the same way that a woman is, also offers an interpretation to remind us that respecting our Earth means enjoying its fruits together with its beauty and sensuality".

Capsule Collection, DOGANA, stand 63


The Editor

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The suit as an element of aseptic complete clothing, transformed by the philosophy of the collection, the crafts' application of design and studs.
The ability, then, to make each piece unique while remaining faithful to the tradition of everything and nothing".

Engineered Garments

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"The concept is based on the fact that the garments must withstand all elements at the present time but at the same time dressing up in a formal way for the show. A poncho has been in the Engineered Garments collection for some time now, so taking that idea of a poncho that can be dressed up but in a casual way was the best solution for this, keeping in mind that the garment is for a Scarecrow". 

L’Altro Uomo ARSENALE Piano Primo, stand 115



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The Weight of essence: scales for weighing every single proposal we make.
"A store of new produce for all tastes. Lots of flavours, colours and shapes. Es’givien is an invitation to taste the weight of essence, the real quality behind the appearance.. A simple yet concrete opportunity for savouring and experimenting according to our "personal taste".

Capsule Collection, DOGANA, stand 15


Filson Black label

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"The look we have given our scarecrows is the perfect combination of tradition and innovation; it highlights how garments designed in another age (lined hunting trousers, safari hat, rucksack) blend with clothes designed by us this season (chambray shirt, light waxed cotton parka in red) in a very on-trend image. Those who work on Filson garments in Italy, at Seattle snc, want to transmit a message of innovation that respects tradition. The distinctive trait is that this evolution of a markedly American brand is being followed up in a country other than that of its origin".

Touch! SALE DELLA RONDA A, stand 37


Gitman Bros. Est 1978

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Wonderfood: Gitman Bros.’ “Vegetable Love” for Guiseppe Arcimboldo
"A cucumber forms a bublous nose; a cherry simulates an eye; a curious peach composes a cheek; sheaves of wheat figure as appendages. These are some of the startling details found in the images by Guiseppe Arcimboldo (1526 – 1593) that are made up of disparate but related elements to create a portrait. The images produce wonder, awe and surprise. It that a face, or a bunch of vegetables? Oddly it’s both. Everything signifies and yet everything is surprising: Arcimboldo makes the fantastic out of the familiar. Is this not the effect, in some sense with clothing – to make the fantastic out of the familiar?" While the legacy of Arcimboldo is prevalent in the arts and some of its most successful products are in fashion, from Elsa Schiapparelli to Jean-Paul Gaultier, out intent at Gitman Bros. was not so much to create another scarecrow , but rather flatten out and take apart the wonderful pieces of food from an Archimboldo portrait and produce garments with a garden varietal print that will calm the crows -- call it the strange attractor in the city of Bistecca alla Fioretina: a “vegetarian” suit.
While the real garden offers much to contemplate, we invite all to come enjoy our fabricated silhouette of “vegetable love” -- be invited to look, but to distant to touch, our fresh produce in this supermarket of fashion known as Pitti Uomo".

L’Altro Uomo ARSENALE Piano Primo, stand 118


"As GRAY specialises in handmade knitwear, in particular high level chunky sweaters, we present our pullover in heavy yet summer linen, inspired by tennis and maxi cabling. With a fine foulard featuring the GRAY logo inlay".

Make PADIGLIONE CENTRALE Piano Inferiore Sala Alfa, stand 2



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"Are you a Kreisiman? This is what led to the idea by Kreisicouture to show for the first time at Pitti with its new KREISIMAN line.
And who better than a huge scarecrow to do just that?
The KREISICOUTURE installation at Wonderfood Pitti is recognisable from afar. Its maxi long-sleeve Tee will be printed with an ironic question: “Are you a Kreisiman?” on the front and the name of the label on the back. Fifties style country trousers, white with black polka dots, will be tied at the waist and calf with a straw belt-rope. All topped off by the main player, the hat - an improvised original sculpture represented by a theatrical red parasisal hat, with rough straw fringe and a bandana around it, in perfect fifties style. They are all handmade articles, the result of the original union of fabrics and accessories in the Kreisicouture collections".

Pop up stores, PADIGLIONE CENTRALE Piano Attico, Area B



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MACRO CLOAK - the wonderfood parka
"The creative approach to the PITTI theme is fusion between the parka, symbol of independence and cultural anti-conformism and a macro cloak that aims to “cover” the territory like a sort of kite or glider, accompanying the flight of the birds., A sort of huge picnic rug worn by a SCARECROW… to act as a deterrent and safeguard the crops. The approach to the culture of this project was determining in contextualising an idea that could blend various needs, first and foremost that of integrating its creativity into the environmental context of foods&fauna&flora".

Touch! SALE DELLA RONDA A, stand 33


Luca Larenza

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"A mix of classic and modern providing exciting everyday menswear, right from the deliberately anti-conventional language of the brand’s campaigns and communication".

Touch! SALE DELLA RONDA B, stand 2



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"The LVCHINO scarecrow perfectly epitomises the brand's philosophy. Careful taste halfway between elegance and informality. The blazer and Bermuda suit is a reworking of the tailored version with restyled volumes and function. Couture and irony smile at each other under the brand's trademark colourful moustache".

Pitti Uomo PADIGLIONE CENTRALE Piano Inferiore, stand O/10



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"Maharishi literally translated means great seer, started in 1994 with the vision
to create environmentally sound, fair-trade produced, long-lasting, high-quality,
utilitarian clothing. Maharishi has evolved into one of the UK’s most influential designer labels. Founded by Hardy Blechman, maharishi carries a strong ethos of respect for
nature while utilising the latest technology".

L’Altro Uomo ARSENALE Piano Primo, stand 134


Marchand Drapier

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Futuro Maschile SALA DELLE NAZIONI, stand 37-39


Mark McNairy New Amsterdam

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"When i was growing up in north carolina the scarecrows on peoples’ farms and gardens always had on the brightest and ugliest clothing. I figure that a scarecrow who’s working out in the fields all day would want to be comfortable in hs favorite clothes that look stylish simply because they’re worn in and reliable. I made an outfit for my scarecrow based on what a hard-working and fun-loving scarecrow (or farmer) would wear: rugged and mismatched “fun” denim, a tank top with a phrase from the show “beavis and butt-head” that also says “corn”, a well-worn and breathable vest, and a trucker hat with a “k” because people always spell my name with a “c.”

L’Altro Uomo ARSENALE Piano Primo, stand 129



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Ynformal ARENA STROZZI , stand B/8-12



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Touch! SALE DELLA RONDA A, stand 41



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"The approach taken for this project was to preview the Rebuilt by Needles line with its new use of remaking used US military clothing into something new and imagined. Needles designer Keizo Shimizu has been repurposing used clothing into new garments for some time from flannels to tshirts to sweaters but this project is a new foray into military garment".

L’Altro Uomo ARSENALE Piano Primo, stand 113



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"From jute to leather; a patchwork, in the etymological meaning of the word, in other words made with patches - and patches are inevitably leather in Orciani. Textured surfaces, worn by fire or water, the silver of the buckles, the palladium or brass of the hardware, the metal of the studs and chains: unique details, cleverly combined, which restore to the leather those rock accents that make the Orciani brand stand out. Attention to details, manual skills at the service of creativity, experimentation that leads to creation of a truly unique unrepeatable piece, like the scarecrow - even the accessories he wears have breathed the scent of the rain and the warmth of the sun".

Futuro Maschile SALA DELLE NAZIONI, stand 20


Orlebar Brown

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Touch! SALE DELLA RONDA A, stand 5


"Is straight from the villages of india, dressed like one of the fellow farmers, wearing a madras check lungi (pareo) and tattered baniyan (tank top), which is a common sight in the villages of india. Most garments are inspired by the local dressing styles that one comes across in the remotest of areas, because local people and their dressing style are the real trend setters of the time.‘ Since our indian scarecrow is travelling to florence for a menswear show, he wants to look cool and decides to team his regular attire with a gillet and a jacket, layering it in a very casual yet trendy way, being true to ‘péro' sensibilities. Instead of wearing a had which he thinks is cliche', he wears a nest made of recycled ‘péro'fabrics. For SS13 menswear, 'péro’ recreates and adapts these styles for the modern consumer who seeks a similar aesthetic, at the same time looks for ease, comfort and pleasure in their clothes".

Nido e merli a cura di dana camerini - Milano

Futuro Maschile SALA DELLE NAZIONI, stand 8-10


Pierre Louis Mascia

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"The key to the style of P.L.M., fashion illustrator and artistic director, can be traced back to his very individual interpretation of a typical "French” geographic tradition from overseas, also to in-depth knowledge of the fundamental values of an aesthetics which encompasses both classic and modern day conventions, placing originality at the centre of the artistic performance".

Futuro Maschile SALA DELLE NAZIONI, stand 16



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"The PRESIDENT’s scarecrow represents the sophisticated man with a personal flair for recognising high quality fabrics, unusually combined in a vaguely vintage style. All these elements create a collection halfway between streetwear and contemporary classic where attention to detail makes all the difference. The authentic style of PRESIDENT's focuses on the individual without enforcing the canons and rules imposed by the fashion system".



Rajesh Pratap Singh

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A twist to the classic striped menswear suit.

"The fabric is handwoven on a manually operated handloom where metal chains have been embedded in the weft instead of yarn, to recreate the feel of menswear stripes.
Deriving from a traditional silhouette to create something new with a
modern twist".

L’Altro Uomo ARSENALE Piano Terra, stand 1



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"This is a leather raincoat, standard uniform for the English 46th Division Military Police, which took part in the campaign in Italy in 1943, during the Second World War. It is a special model, made especially for motorbike riders. The two straps inside were designed to hold the coat against the biker’s legs, so that the flaps did not open out when the bike picked up speed. The same materials as the original one have been used, the same techniques and the same details. One of the factors leading to choice of this garment was its collocation: having to dress one of the mannequin-scarecrows, the raincoat posed no problems of wearability, unlike other models. The raincoat comes with a cap made from the same leather, this too the exact replica of an accessory from the same historical period".

Futuro Maschile SALA DELLE NAZIONI, stand 51


SuperDuper Hats

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"The SuperDuper Hats scarecrow is a tribute to the ear of wheat. The wheat plant, in addition to being a fruit of the earth and for thousands of years a source of nourishment, symbolises the cycle of rebirth. Before sprouting in springtime, this cereal remains buried under the soil and is therefore similar to the passage of the soul from the shadows into light. A birth also seen as a metaphor of something new that materialises, the genesis of a generation of new creative designers that moves into the limelight and gathers the fruit of its work, like the emerging young brand SuperDuper Hats. In mythology, Demeter, the Greek goddess of grain and agriculture, is considered to be the constant nourisher of youth and the green earth. Wheat therefore as a symbol of fertility, a hope for prosperity. From the ear of wheat, we also make straw, skilfully woven to become the material mainly used by SuperDuper Hats in its new SS 2013 collection".

Touch! SALE DELLA RONDA A, stand 38



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"The main item, with all its characteristic features, revised, and reinterpreted in an ironic thought and art specifically for the scarecrow.".

Ynformal ARENA STROZZI, stand B/2


"Items of several seasons, colors and prints are twisted, knotted and hand blended to emphasize the craftsmanship typical of Szen. The result is a scarecrow dressed by a unique shape and texture ".

L’Altro Uomo SALA DELL’ARSENALE, stand 7


"When I heard about this project, I came up with the idea that the scarecrows should be colorful/flamboyant.
Therefore, I made the coordinates with three different smokey but vivid colors that only scarecrows could wear".

L'Altro Uomo ARSENALE - PIANO PRIMO, Stand 107


Want les essentiels de la vie

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"Masculine and feminine, uptown and downtown, classic and modern. Luxury luggage and accessories brand WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie makes timeless leather and organic cotton goods for the modern internationalist. Achieving unity through contrast, values from eras gone by are reframed in tomorrow's technology, style and sustainability".

Touch! SALE DELLA RONDA A, stand 3


Touch! SALE DELLA RONDA A, stand 25 

Volta Footwear

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"The "mirror dress" by Volta Footwear is inspired by the new collection that this brand will be showcasing during the upcoming Pitti Uomo. Oasis, mirages and desert are the themes that have guided Volta in creation of the lines for SS2013, and the same themes have steered the creation of a "second skin" for the scarecrow. This second skin, made up of a cloak of triangular mirrors, illuminated and heated by the sun will give an unexpected result with a 360° reflection of its surroundings".

Ynformal ARENA STROZZI, stand B/18-20


The scarecrows setting up

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Pitti Immagine wants to thank you the companies involved in the WonderFood Pitti project:

10A – Suspender Trousers Company, Barena, Dockers, Edwin, Eleonoraniccolai, Engineered Garments, Es'Givien, Filson Black Label, Gitman Bros. Est 1978, Gray, Kreisicouture, L'Eskimo Franco Verzì, Luca Larenza, Lvchino, Maharishi, Marchand Drapier, Mark Mcnairy New Amsterdam, Mason’s, Monitaly, Needles, Orciani, Orlebar Brown, Pero by Aneeth Arora, Pierre Louis Mascia, President's, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Stewart, Superduper Hats, Swiss-Chriss, Szen, The Editor, TS(S), Vetra, Volta Footwear and Want Les Essentiels De La Vie. 

The pics of scarecrows assembling are by Antonello Ginanneschi.