Hirofumi Kurino

Co-Founder & Senior Adviser for Creative Direction, United Arrows

_ What does future in fashion mean for you, considering all the changes that we have recently noticed, such as see-now-buy-now, menswear and womenswear presented together, big brands' departures from a fashion week to another, changes in Creative Directors at the helm of labels?
It is time to change, but most of those “changes” are just a surface phenomenon. For example if you present your collection early or later, customer will “buy” or “not buy” it depending on its quality, design and price.
I don’t say “faster the better”. I will rather say “considering quality, design and price”. Gender free is understandable because the whole world is going to this direction.
Now often change of a creative director is like just changing HAT but with the same head. If those changes become more creative or positive, I can agree but reality is not… Like Brioni case!
_ Which are in your opinion the brands/designers to watch for the next seasons?
Major Brand = JW Anderson
Young Brand = Sulvam
_ From which countries are the most cutting edge ones at the moment?
Africa or Africa origin people are more uprising.
_ Which are the main trends for the next Spring/Summer season?
Light and Chemical(Color and Fabric), Natural and Chemical(Fabrics) and 90’s influence.
_ What about streetwear and athleisure...
More and more important.
_ How do you think the attitude of the consumers has changed towards these fashion phenomenon? Do you think, in a certain way, they affected the way the consumers buy?
they are more aware of using their money. Non more CONSUMERING, but smart buying.
_ What do you expect from the next Pitti Uomo edition?

Above all. Creativity Quality with Right Priced productions.