Concept-brand and design project, in its creations, AIRDP by AirEyeWear aims for a blend of versatility, comfort and technology with a totally glamorous aesthetic that is anything but excessive. The results are bold prescription and sunglasses with an advanced imprint and on-trend geometries, always in harmony with the face, encapsulating a fresh, young and charming spirit. 


Workmanship that is absolutely unique and painstaking attention to detail. This is the essence of the Blackfin brand, whose excellence lies in expert processing of titanium. The result is eyewear designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, created to enhance the personality of the wearer: from the surface treatment to the extreme care taken with the finishes through to the temples, which can be adapted to any face. Blackfin glasses are highly customisable and are made following 53 production steps: the expression of a working method that is industrial yet still artisanal. 


Eyewear design created in Milan, 100% Italian workmanship. Shade Goggles is a revolutionary project in terms of finishes and materials. The models, a blend of forms of the past and materials of the future, are divided into two categories: “The Classic”, where laser incisions create a complex frame around the lens; and “The Modern”, clean-cut patterns that stand out thanks to the special sandblasting on the upper edge of the lens. On both, aluminium temples decorated with geometric patterns, sometimes embellished with ray or alligator skin. 


David Marc stands out thanks to an ability to combine traditional all-Italian craftsmanship with the latest fashion trends. A timeless collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses made from cellulose acetate and hypoallergenic steel. Zeiss scratchproof lenses offer an extremely high level of quality. The new arrivals this season include multi-purpose sunglasses which, thanks to a clever clip system, give you two types of glasses in one. And Skin glasses, made from a material blending cellulose acetate and leather. A unique texture that gives the glasses a vintage look, thanks to the aged effect. 


Since its creation in 2012, Finlay & Co. has become a very successful eyewear brand, earning its fame with a range of sunglasses with special hand-worked wooden frames. With differing veins and grains, every piece is one of a kind. Over time, other materials such as metal have also been added, without abandoning the brand’s iconic style, however. 


an innovative brand producing eyewear from marble and semi-precious stones. The result of many years of experience from the Polimata Group in the field of precision engineering, the Modena-based brand was the first to apply numerical control technology and marble working to eyewear design. In this way, it is the only brand in the world to manufacture curved and sinuous frames, carving marble or stone with the creativity of a sculptor and the precision of a robot. Each model is of course unique, irreplicable, “carved” from a single slab of marble (or semi-precious stone) and characterised by the natural veins of that very slab. A series of combinations of finishes and materials offer an exclusive interpretation of the customer’s personality and taste. 


Movitra, an innovative, all-Italian eyewear start-up from Milan, holds 6 worldwide patents, the first of which is the innovative solution it introduced to the market, which allows eyewear frames to rotate on themselves and close the sidepieces on both lenses, protecting them from bumps and scratches. The new 415 is ultra-light, square, suitable for being transformed into eyeglasses. The 515 is characterised by a unisex, square shape that is very fashionable. The 615, on the other hand, is the first Movitra for women, with a mask-like shape. 


The precious Pioggia Oro line is here: made from 24-karat gold-plated harmonic steel, it has a special 3D drop-effect spray coating, an Italian acetate front and genuine leather temple tips. Prima Linea is evolving, thanks to the introduction of the special selective laser precision casting technology that ensures absolute control of the material, Ti64 titanium, the same used to produce prostheses. 


Glamorous, elegant and anarchic” is the definition for Spektre, a sunglasses brand founded in 2009 and based in Milan, characterised by a successful blend of elegance and street-style attitude. It has recently expanded its range of frames and materials, such as round metal and acetate, taking inspiration for the design from moods of the past, reinterpreted with a strong contemporary flavour. 


The result of the passion and experience acquired in over 35 years of work, Dandy’s presents a line of completely handmade eyewear. All the components, strictly Italian, come from production areas very close to the brand’s workshops. Passion, craftsmanship and the highest quality materials – these are the characteristics of Dandy’s creations, boasting a sophisticated design and a timeless style, combined with great comfort and durability.