A story of style and performance. Clean, minimal designs characterise a collection for men and women featuring a selected range of garments, in which the technical innovation of the precious materials is interwoven with a focus on comfort and a positive approach.  

Fashion meets Technology: with this mantra Christopher Bevans – designer who lives and works in Portland, Oregon – founded his brand, projecting it into a hyper-contemporary scenario of dynamism. The SS19 collection evokes an active lifestyle scenario for the nomad of the future, perfectly equipped to travel long distances through forests and dynamic landscapes. 

The discipline of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, its values and iconography are the background of Italian brand Gr1ps. The ambitious idea behind the brand was to revolutionise the world of clothing for combat sports, with a collection defined as "Innovative Apparel for Functional Training".

Created by designers Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning, both with a long experience in fashion, the activewear of the P.E brand combines style and state-of-the-art technical materials. Comfortable garments, with slightly vintage embroidery, that sculpt the body, characterise a collection in sync with the everyday dynamism of metropolitan life.   

Like a blackout that shines light on the essential. Active Nocturne features clean lines, minimal shapes and stylistic forms that can also be distinguished “in the dark”. Clear definition, boldness and attention to detail are the principles that breathe life into the iconic clothing in the range, such as the exquisite yet high-performance bomber jacket. 


NaturalBOOM is the latest trend, the first Mental Drink in the world, suitable for everyone, completely natural and good for the mind.

NaturalBOOM aims to become the flagship product of a new Wellness philosophy. First of all, the drink aims to convey a number of new messages: the importance of believing in the potential of the human mind, believing in our natural resources and redefining our existential values in a healthy way. With this drink we are defining a new product category known as “MENTAL DRINKS”, by creating a product that can be consumed both hot and cold and sits half-way between the usual soft drinks and the Energy and Sport Drinks categories. A natural, clean, educational image, with BOOM effect...