Combat boots with lug sole, metal buckles and contrasting laces. A particular manufacturing process with washed and destructured leather bottom makes the shoe softer than ever. Sneakers in fine leathers feature contrasting stitching; an innovative combination of nappa leather and canvas in a lightweight laceless shoe with a graphic silhouette.


With a passion for leather, designer Isamu Katayama – born in Hiroshima in the 1960s – created his brand in 1999. The biker & rock style teams up with craftsmanship and the constant exploration of leather finishes – jackets, footwear, accessories – and precious jewellery. 

BB TRIANGULAR by Bruno Bordese

Sneakers that have now become iconic due to their distinctive design. The triangle is not only used as a distinct aesthetic shape, but is also the symbol of man, the divine, the known and unknown. Accompanied by a special capsule collection of matching black T-shirts.

Del Carlo

Footwear reinterpreted in a contemporary key with surprising details. The collection is completely manufactured in the legendary plant in Porcari (LU) where the visions of young designers come to life in the hands of extremely skilled craftsmen

Domrebel Montréal

Hints of grunge and biker tendencies for graphic artworks presented as an expressive tool, all filtered by a minimalist yet eco-friendly perspective. Creativity becomes contagious on menswear garments designed and handmade by expert craftsmen in a Montreal workshop. 

Francesco Rasola

Francesco Rasola, self-taught designer, scoops up every possible source of inspiration from everyday life. Music, design and art become one with his creations. His collections challenge clichés: streetwear combines with Italian style in a game of matter and shape, turning every foregone banality on its head. 



“Authentic luxury takes time to form and is generated by personal experiences” is the mantra of the designers of Gaukk, who are both fascinated by the latest technologies and at the same time loyal to the artisan virtuosity of leather craftsmanship. Premium leathers breathe life into a line of one-off jackets and sneakers sporting sophisticated details.   


A mood that inhales the vibrant notes of the city, exhaling them to create a minimal tech design. Gender-neutral bags, backpacks and accessories that evolve with the consumer and accompany him or her wherever life points, from yoga sessions to trips out of town and further afield. With a design inspired by urban geometries, the collection is made with stylish materials that respect the environment. 

Guerrilla Group

The multidisciplinary creative workshop Guerrilla Group works on the heritage of uniforms, reinterpreting military garments in the contemporary role of functional everydaywear.

Huge Underground Business

Two creative Italian designers, who are young yet rooted in pure 1970s underground style. The allure of Hip Hop culture is a strong reference for collections in which oversize shapes are enhanced by details and ironic phrases. The SS19 collection features delicate pastel shades. 

Indice Studio

Hao Lee, designer of the brand operating in Taipei, immediately stood out from the crowd for his unique approach to deconstructed streetwear which features in his collections, suitably mixed and matched with ironic suggestions and a vibrant colour palette.  


A mixture of linearity and purism, a project that operates in the here and now but has its roots firmly planted in the tradition of craftsmanship. Aesthetics and technique carefully dosed in a precise recipe: a spirit crafted from a mixture of Italian creative flair, comfort and footwear design. 

Middle. P

The Middle.P man seeks a contemporary style, free from excesses. His look is inspired by minimalist, essential concepts. Soft, destructured lines give shape to collections entirely produced in the Marche region using selected fabrics made in Italy. 

Nomen Nescio

“Sculptural Minimalism”: carefully designed clothes that sculpt the body and explore new options in terms of fit, sharp, gender-neutral shapes, and total black as the only colour available. All superfluous elements have been removed, including labels and logos: leaving space for the personality of the wearer to shine through. 

Nomad Goba

Nomad Goba is an intuitive design project. A wealth of research that investigates the menswear universe, starting from the clothes of ethnic tradition. A combination of strength and fragility, rigour and freedom, a series of limited edition hand-made collections made with natural materials and a combination of British and Japanese tailoring.  


A brand created in Japan based on the concepts designed by Polite + Piquant, it absorbs and personalises ancient tradition and a propensity for resistance and rebellion. Craftsmanship and Japanese fabrics meet in a collection of ready-to-wear items inspired by the streets of Tokyo and presenting an innovative mix of fashion and function.


“Pride in individuality” is the claim of the brand created by Sasa Kovacevic, Serbian designer: every collection is an invitation to develop and express one’s inner being in a personal way. Innovative and full of references to different cultures, traditions, ages and ethnic groups, Sadak makes eclectic flair its own distinctive mark.

Ake Ake

Lifelong sterling silverware with strong influence of the British and European history, beliefs and rituals in the Medieval era. Reflecting arts and designs of silverware from the past, infused with modern twists of jewellery selections.

Transit Uomo

Transit Uomo, 100% made in Italy, shows a SS collection 2019 mixing of simplicity and
understated elegance that favours discreet attention to details over ostentation. Transit Uomo is a total look collection, a perfect result of sophisticated comfort, enriched by selected fabrics, handmade stitched details and by a touch of unique modern design.