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This brand was set up in Tuscany in 2011 by two pairs of brothers with a shared passion for artisan-made shoes. Barbanera produces classic men’s shoes that enhance and recuperate Italian craftsmanship in its values of aesthetics, quality of materials, manufacture and tradition, in a collection that however has its own soul, at times more classic, at others more dandy and “rock’n’roll”. The new collection is centred on shades of black and grey with a strong, decisive character. “Nero is the new Black”. Focus on two-tone models, both lace-ups and ankle boots, in combinations of materials (suede and leather, canvas and leather, tweed and leather) and on new models including a sixties-inspired ankle boot and the double “crossover” buckle. 


Burns & Factory CO.,LTD

Creating clothing from just one yarn, this is the strong point of this company based in Tokyo. With outerwear the main focus of its production, Burns & Factory makes garments that fully respect nature and the quality of the different yarns, thanks to machinery that is unique on the market and allows for a special combination of number of yarns and gauges, producing fabrics that give exclusive sensations to the touch, for comfortable, easy wear. For double fabrics in cashmere in particular, the company has a reached an extraordinary quality level of "touch". 


Eins Berlin

Werner, Cora and Olaf are the three souls of Eins Berlin, a brand of men and women’s jewellery. Berlin is their home and their continual source of inspiration. An eclectic mix of creativity and respect for artisan quality. The new collection – bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces, charms, rings and chains – comes in 4 limited edition series. Old Salt is all about adventures at sea, Currents focuses on dynamic, clean-cut lines, Saga stimulates a sense of mystery and Eternal Bliss interprets the power of sacred symbols. Each piece reworks classic shapes through an unusual combination of different materials such as horn, leather, semi-precious stones, silver and rose gold. 



Passion for design and for artisan-manufactured accessories made using natural materials. This combination has led to the birth of Roxxlyn, a brand from Berlin that presents an exclusive range of covers and other accessories for iPhone, Galaxy, Macbook and other devices. Minimal aesthetics and elegant, timeless allure meet a taste for material combos – the finest of Italian leathers and other fabulous skins – and colours in a collection that unites innovation and craftsmanship. 


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Zabattigli di Capri

Loved by Jackie Kennedy for their comfort and natural elegance, Zabattigli, the traditional Capri rope shoes originally worn by fishermen, are back as an expression of style. Sewn one by one in a workshop on Anacapri, they come in refined designs, exclusive models and fine fabrics. The new Lounge FW 16/17 collection adds a contemporary touch to Capri-style elegance, with the Zabattigli in Duca Visconti di Modrone velvet. 


GG’s by Georgina Goodman

After the successful launch of her women’s footwear collection – an unmistakable slip-on, super-comfy, to wear as a slipper or a shoe – for AW 2016, Georgina Goodman presents her first GG’s men’s line. Focus on a men’s slip-on with artisan glove construction, padded sole and rubber heel, interpreted in a wide variety of textured leathers. A holiday spirit pervades, bringing an effervescent breath of fresh air to city wear. The perfect shoe for today’s dandy: indoor spirit for outdoor use. 


Contemporary classic silhouettes, exclusive, colourful prints are applied to extraordinary quality materials, such as the best Egyptian cottons and Sea Island cotton, in this collection of Neapolitan style shirts that also includes suits and jackets, hand-stitched by a workshop of expert artisans in India. An exclusive product devised for a consumer who is aware of details and open to all things new. 

Otis Batterbee London

Already adored by many celebs, at Pitti Uomo this London brand is launching its sophisticated collection of men’s nightwear inspired by Savile Row. An exclusive range that uses eclectic personalised prints with velvet slippers to match, eye masks and sponge bags. Top garments are the Dressing (gown), the Pyjama Set and the lavender eye mask. 


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Founded in 2011 by François-Régis Laporte, this is the first and only designer brand of neckties inspired by the trend launched by Louis XIV in the seventeenth century, its icon bowties produced using artisan techniques in the last Parisiann atelier. The ancient French tailoring tradition merges with avant-garde inflections and the boldest of designs. A wide array of shapes and lengths for customisable models that come in an infinite variety of combinations and textiles, from silk twill to Lyonnaise jacquard, printed cotton and cashmere. Maison F dress may celebrities such as Will Smith, Pharrell Williams, Steve Carell, James Denton(...) and its ties bar are presented in the best multi-brand shops & department stores, like Printemps, l’Eclaireur, Isetan, Saks Fifth Avenue(...). Also, their parisian boutique has just been selected by the famous Louis Vuitton City Guide.


Mr. G Paris

France’s manufacturing tradition is the starting point for this sophisticated brand that has used a fine, unusual material, Limoges porcelain for a masculine accessory – the cufflink. The new collection pays homage to opulent Russia of the Tsars, with touches of gold and platinum that recall the ancient splendour of Saint Petersburg, at times teamed with delicate details. Curved or geometric shapes are given a modern, unexpected twist. 


Sastreria 91

After its debut last January, this new brand presents its own personal interpretation of tailoring heritage with a Spanish twist. A complete collection of jackets, suits, trousers, capes and accessories with a sometimes eccentric twist. The beauty of tailoring and the highest level of artisanal manufacture come to a head in the range of bowties with applied feathers. 



Marwood celebrates its first 5 years by bringing to Pitti Uomo a selection of limited edition pieces – ties, bowties, scarves and socks – which feature details and embroidery halfway between art and artisan. Top articles in the range include hand-woven ties and pocket handkerchiefs with complex weaves and the smoothest silks, accessories in English lace, hand-embroidered ties and quilted scarves in bright colours. 


Tibi Tie

Tibi Tie offers a completely different way of wearing a bowtie or even a buttonhole: like a brooch. Themes in the new collection include variegated flowers, little roses, daisies and cherry blossom. All-artisan accessories in silk or wool made in Japan that can be attached to a hat, formal suit or scarf. 


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The collection is an invitation to discover the Basque region: simple, authentic, essential, timeless and steeped in the values of craftsmanship and quality. Details are inspired by the Art Deco architecture in St Jean de Luz or Biarritz, and the common denominator is the oversize zip with shotgun metal finish. A complete range of travel bags – but also small leather goods, sneakers and belts – in bull skin (11 colours) and in python (3 colours) that include the cult pieces Donibane documents case, Briefcase and Zaino. 


Anonyme - Paris

Geometric lines, modern essential design and sharp minimalism bring alive this collection of accessories – bags, footwear and jewels – of artisan manufacture, characterised by an understated red signature stripe. Must-haves are the Vidar high-top sneakers, the Ternes tote and the Duroc backpack. New entry is the First Class Travel Kit produced in collaboration with the fashion editor Pascale Renaux: from the sleeping mask to the fringed stole and slippers, all available in a refined patchwork of leather and fur. 



From South Korea, an artisan bag project that represents the point of encounter between design, authentic materials and essential function. Accessories made thanks to a production process that combines heritage, artisanship and technologies. Made to last and to soak up our history. 



Externally, the look is minimal and shows a remarkable business imprint. Internally, a passion for geometrics is inspired by the most famous byzantine mosaics, on a journey from ancient Constantinople, via Venice to Ravenna. These are the much sought-after bags with patterned linings presented by the brand founded by Mark Farhat, based in London, but production takes place in Italy. The collection includes trolleys, document bags, laptop and iPad cases and messenger bags, all interpreted in a very clean-cut image, with soft calfskins externally. Plus, the My M/G line offers an exclusive bespoke service. 



With its eye-catching innovation and technical components, it has a dual purpose: Outdoor Mountain and Urban Biking. The materials of the highest quality make ROA the ideal product for both athletes looking for truly high-performance footwear and cyclists reaching the office in style passing through the metropolis. A new concept standing out from the crowd of lightweight climbing boots with a vintage flavour and technical hiking boots now hackneyed by fluorescent colours.


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From selection of the finest leathers and lining materials, through to extreme care taken with production methods, every 5FingersVenezia glove is the result of a unique creative process enhanced by a personal touch. Manufacture of one pair of gloves entails 10 expert artisans and 28 production stages. In the softest nappa, treated and finished with a lining in wool or bermberge, today there are 3 men’s models and 6 for women and 20 original patterns. 


IMjiT35020 Manufactus

Pure Artisan Experience.The Due Carrare brand will be presenting its Gamma Punto Singolo for the first time at Pitti Uomo: garments products, cut out, make up and sewn by a single artisan and on a single machine. They will feature natural indigo, selvedge fabrics in 13, 14, 15.3 and 16 ounce weights. A range of five pocket jeans, jackets and shirts inspired by classic, timeless lines with regular volumes. The rules are laid down by selected raw materials and quality manufacture. The mission is the value of artisan experience teamed with materials. 


Scunzani Ivo

The brand was set up in 1971 by Ivo Scunzani and Mirca Salardi, in a workshop in Baggiovara, a small town between Modena and Maranello. The company’s entirely hand-made processing of fine leathers creates timeless objects, the emblem of Italian craftsmanship and flair: belts, bags, bracelets, necklaces, boxes covered in leather, wallets and purses and desk sets. The leathers used, all complete with a certificate that attests to their quality and origins, are croc back, alligator, sturgeon, toad, python, lizard, caiman and other skins, painted and hand-cut with truly surprising results. 


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Bespoke Couture

65 different styles, 60 types of leather and suede, 4-6 new models added to the range every season. This is Semi-Bespoke footwear with Goodyear construction by this brand launched in 1998, backed by a company with over 20 years’ experience in hand-tailored men’s suits and shirts. 


Title of Work

With the Grid/Lock collection, the designer Jonathan Meizler explores the concepts of “impossibility of movement, difficult passages” inside industrial cities. The network identified in the metropolis is analysed sociologically as a symbol of the stalling point for global societies and is reflected in a range of ties, bowties, scarves, textile accessories and jewels. Textures are intricate, custom-made and hand-woven and use Italian, Japanese and English silk and wool, dyed in unique colours. The jewels interpret the dichotomy between stiff and foldable, with mixes of fine metals and leathers. 

Jean Rousseau Paris

Exotic precious leathers, enormous attention to manual skills and attention to detail for this Parisian brand. There are three main focal points this time round: an exclusive selection of articles in fine Alligator Mississipiensis, aged with artisan techniques. A sporty chic line in calfskin with a small assortment of accessories to go with the bags. Finally, a range developed specifically for Apple Watch that customises the strap to meet each client’s personal taste. 

Bettanin & Venturi

Since 1856, Bettanin & Venturi have been creating shoes for gentlemen. A quest for perfection deriving from the passion of the master shoemaker Giuseppe Bettanin. For over a century, the attentive eye of Italian craftsmen has satisfied the demands of sophisticated customers. A well-kept secret, passed down through five generations of the family, which instils the style in the creations. Today, their goal is still to supply the same carefully hand-sewn shoes, celebrating the tradition and passion for their work. 


Maglia Francesco

For 160 years now, Ditta Francesco Maglia has been handing down the ancient craft from father to son. The bond between past and present has enabled the Maglia family – now in its fifth generation – to maintain its identity and promote the Italian quality for which the umbrella-making company is renowned worldwide. Production is to order only and a huge selection of models is available. The fabrics are woven on looms designed for tie-making. A must-have is the umbrella mounted on a solid stick made from natural wood such as cherry, bamboo, broom or maple. Quirky products: the umbrella with a removable handle and tip so it can be packed in a suitcase, the picnic umbrella and umbrellas with a horn handle. 


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The new old: a melting pot of past and future, tradition and innovation is the aim of this knitwear brand. Jacquard comes alive again thanks to the use of technology, turning work by artisans into art. Obsessive precision, making-up and finishing by hand and production Made in Italy are the ingredients for a new recipe, which however has all the flavour of dishes from yesteryear. Classic knits and sweats are reworked thanks to bold use of colour, giving new life to jacquard designs dug out of knitting archives from the fifties and sixties. All the garments are reversible, with irreverent patterns and bright contrasts. The knitted jackets, soft and lightweight, are unlined with internal contrasting stitching. Off-fashion, on-trend. 


Fob Paris

In 2012, the creativity of three friends, Aurelien, Laurent and Sari, led to the birth in Paris of this project that aims to revitalise the great tradition of French watch-making in an eccentric, subtly dandy style. A unisex collection of pocket watches that mix design and craftsmanship, looking to the elegance of the origins of the accessory. In January, Fob Paris will launch its K-1 capsule collection, inspired by the city of Tokyo, characterised by a new sporty touch, thanks to the use of techno materials. 



Way back in 1903 Julianna Mühlbauer decided to open a small atelier in the suburbs of Vienna. Today, the fourth generation of this same family has followed through this business, turning the brand into an international benchmark for the world of hats. The knowhow of its origins and manufacturing tradition merges with the most innovative of trends, in collaboration with designers Nora Berger and Madeleine Bujatti, every season Klaus Mühlbauer comes up with new ideas, most hand-made in the workshop in Vienna. 


Noah Waxman “handmade in USA”

Noah Waxman launched the line of artisan footwear that bears his name in 2013 after a long apprenticeship in Amsterdam: his idea is to present something that is both classic and unique, unmistakable and wearable. American style meets European creativity in his footwear, all made in small quantities, with rigorously hand-made details paired with Goodyear construction and leathers worked in traditional American tanning companies. A journey that starts with the chukka boot and ends with the luxury sneaker. 


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D by D* Syoukei

Three buzzwords: Urban, Comfort and Luxury, linked by an unbreakable thread.This sophisticated project of tailored jackets comes from Tokyo, with all the comfortable allure of a knitted cardigan teamed with the unique fit of state of the art tailoring. 

Mr. Smith Paris

Subtle hybridisation of military, workwear and tailoring: these are clothes by Mr. Smith Paris, the point of arrival of a long apprenticeship with the best tailors in the British army and famous Parisian fashion houses. Refined, functional, ergonomic, hybrid: this is the image of garments that bring with them the fluid energy of contemporary menswear. The new collection emphasises generational dialogue, between heritage and technology, between tailoring and casualwear. The fabrics have military origins. 


Norwegian Rain

Tailoring, Function and High-tech: the brand’s DNA is based on the fusion of these three elements. Tailoring techniques and heritage meet Japanese sensitivity in a line of outerwear that is technologically innovative, with special focus on the rainwear segment: it features a collection of raincoats with emphatic silhouettes and volumes, in extraordinary techno-fabrics. At Pitti Uomo 89, Norwegian Rain will be showcasing exclusive collaboration with the British brand Grenson, with the aim of creating the most innovative waterproof shoe. 


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Cappellificio Biellese

Classic but eclectic. Caps, flat caps and bonnets feature British understatement in the form of tweed bought in small factories in Scotland and Ireland. All mixed with English worsteds, washed Shetlands, covert and carded fabrics from Biella. In summer, linens and solaro are the main players. The common denominator is a passion for fabrics and a classic yet rather laidback style. 



Since 1832 and for over 6 generations, this French brand follows through its extremely high manufacturing tradition of articles in luxurious leathers, from bags to ready-to-wear, through to made-to-measure pieces. Thanks to the passion for racing cars of its owners, the brand has often been associated with famous names such as Enzo Ferrari, Henri Pescarolo and Jean Todt and events like the Mille Miglia and Le Mans 24 hour race. Special products have also been developed in collaboration with brands such as jaguar and Bugatti. 



Understated luxury, a mix of uniqueness and exclusivity, of the lightest yet sustainable materials, handcrafted in small workshops in Austria and Italy, with design and constantly reinforced quality that goes beyond the brand’s fame. These are the diktats behind this Austrian brand. For its debut, the menswear collection focuses on outerwear in soft lambskin and merino wool, kidskin, boiled wool and also natural jerseys with a raw appearance. The unique style is a result of these materials, moulded to suit a casual modern look, with soft, slim volumes and contemporary fits.


Project TWLV

Absolute debut at Pitti Uomo for a new project focused on men’s footwear, and specifically on boots, the brainchild of Henrik and Antonio, friends with years of experience in the field behind them. 12 styles available in various colours and materials create a collection that mixes top-level Italian craftsmanship and a passion for Scandinavian design. The focus is on authenticity, dictated by a perfect combination of well thought-out volumes, handmade details and sophisticated textures. 



The brand concept is the result of a night under the stars with feet in the sand and a fascination for the legendary film in which Humphrey Bogart plays the elegant but disillusioned Rick. Imagining the perfect shoe for Rick, to wear in the Casablanca sun, without socks, lead to the development of the project of a shoe made from raffia – a natural, flexible and durable material – and leather worked by the hands of expert craftsmen. A shoe that becomes more beautiful over time and adapts to the shape of the foot. Naturally.