A brand based in Toulouse in France, Bleu de Cocagne focuses on a single shade of blue elaborated over five centuries ago using soaking in “woad”. This colour and its entirely artisan production process are central elements to the brand’s collections. Natural fabrics – 100%Linen, Linen-Silk and Modal-Cashmere – are dyed in exclusive shades of blue, interpreting key concepts such as minimal design and cocoon sensation.


The bowtie as a lifestyle, for him and her, interpreted in various colours and delicate textures. The brand originated in Antwerp in 2013. All ties are designed and produced by an artisan workshop in Belgium, hence the exclusivity and quality is ensured. Models vary from self-tie, ready-tie, clip-ons to bow knots in distinct fabrics ranging from florals to leathers.


Born under the style umbrella of British heritage with its artisan knowhow, it combines these values with a fresh Wild Wild West inspiration, which also looks to the stories of Native Americans from the Pacific North West. This is the new line of unisex bags by Dalton Bros, 100% made in England, based on the experience of the best wool and leather suppliers in the United Kingdom, alongside that of Taylor Kent & Co, specialists in hand-made bags. Top models include the backpack, and the weekend and sailor bags. 


dICTIONARY project is a journey that explores the world and the words that describe it. Season after season, the images of the brand build a dictionary: each garment bears a printed definition or a patch of the collection keyword. For SS17, the primary theme is the sea. The eight featured subjects are Killer Whale, Dolphin, Crab, Seahorse, Jellyfish, Oyster, Starfish and Octopus, starring on no-gender sweats and Tees, all in 100% organic cotton. The sweat is hoodless with a raglan cut and in 100% combed organic cotton. 


Knitwear brand founded in 2011 by the South African Laduma Ngxokolo. At the root of his inspiration, the male initiation ritual in the Xhosa tribe. The result is an unmistakable knitwear style with a contemporary flavour: the traditional aesthetics of the Xhosa are part of the brand’s DNA, and Laduma reinterprets patterns, symbols and colours in a continuous dialogue between tradition and future. The SS17 “Apropriyeshin” menswear collection projects the fusion between these two dimensions against the backdrop of a utopian scenario. 


Rumisu is a project that arose from the creativity of two sisters, Pinar and Deniz, set in a world of beauty and imbued with love for the earth. The result is a line of ethically manufactured accessories. Each scarf is a unique piece, illustrated by hand and then transferred and printed digitally in 100% silk; the border is hand-rolled and decorated with the crochet technique, typical of the traditional Turkish art of Oya, in collaboration with a UNDP project aimed at fostering the economic and sustainable development of women in the region. The collection also includes a range of cotton foulards, Tees, sweats and leather totes. 


The wild and unpredictable nature of the Arctic Circle is a continuous reference point for the Norwegian jewellery brand founded by Bjørg Nordli-Mathisen, who served a long apprenticeship in India studying the ancient techniques of the goldsmith’s art. Centring on a ceaseless dialogue between a raw and polished core, between precious stones and deliberately imperfect textures, with full respect for nature and the use of organic materials, the brand has developed a collection that reflects the Nordic soul in all its ambivalence. Loved by celebrities, Bjørg has been worn by stars such as Madonna and Rihanna. 


A Munich-based outerwear brand, w’lfg’ng draws inspiration from the world of mountains for creation of its "modular all-weather-system”, a new approach made up of three garments in one to effectively tackle changes in the weather. A range of modular jackets that are windproof and water-repellent, breathable and heat-insulating, that fit into handy bags and take up very little space. The tailored look of the city coat teams with the performance of an outfit suitable for the mountains. 


From Amsterdam, a line of unisex garments to be worn wherever – at home, on the beach, when travelling or every day. The buzzword is versatility, for a range in pure silk enlivened with eccentric prints. Top articles are Easy pant, the Grandad shirt and the Boxer Short. 


With his Art.-Sumerism collection, the designer is once again talking about consumerism. This time, he is staging an IKEA-style rebranding. The “artisanal consumerism” described is attributable to the two types of product that coexist in the collection. An artisanal soul, designating the moccasin, now a staple in the line. Another, commercial, side refers to the double-laced sneaker, a stand-out product. The models are available in a palette of pastel-coloured suedes, reminiscent of lacquered tables and chairs from IKEA. 


Luxury knitwear meets street culture in creations by the Scottish designer Lindsay McKean who in 2012 founded the brand Cats Brothers, an immediate hit with the international fashion system. Pop-style design that nods the wink to artisan contamination for a line that has irony and research as its strong points, with clever use of textures and prints, hand-made details, embroidery and slogans. The new collection, Rude Boy, takes inspiration from the skinhead culture of the late 70s with its Dr. Martens, turned up trousers or jeans and button-down checked shirts. 


The ageless collection of hats and caps by Larose Paris is designed in Paris and relies on their pool of French craftsmanship expertise, in operation since 1946, and materials of exceptional quality from all round the world. The line breathes the cosmopolitan spirit of Paris, London and New York, and this season it presents an encounter between natural materials such as panama and canvas, travel-inspired prints, and metallic details. 


A company specializing in hand-made knitwear, Guðrun & Guðrun was founded in 2002 by two women from the Faroe Islands and is inspired by the sense of isolation and the silence of these places. Today it is presenting a special menswear capsule made in collaboration with ACF, alias Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh. Relaxed, Smart and Sharp are the three moods created for a wardrobe dedicated to three generations, combining craftsmanship and heritage with the light of a minimalist allure. 


Founded in 2010 by Federico Borella, the Florence-based brand focuses on promoting the artisanal expertise of the country of origin and its best raw materials. “Contemporary Rock Chique” is the mood of the new collection: a look transformed by a contemporary twist, which reinterprets woven leather, linen and denim into a selection of studded jackets. 


Luxury, simplicity, chic lifestyle, precious timeless details”. Sober and moderate luxury: a passion for detail and research. These are the keywords of the Jejia world. Invisible details, small notes. Maison Jejia is a way of being, a lifestyle concept. Products that become ideal partners for life.