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A love story involving quality production, artisan attention to tailoring, refinement and unmistakable taste in fabric selection. The total look stands out for print knowhow and colour combos, which define the creative mixing and matching of garments and accessories.



From a men’s tailor shop in Gambara in the province of Brescia already in business in the early decades of the twentieth century to a brand recognised worldwide, with a precise, easily identifiable image. A destructured look, accurate to the millimetre and calibrated in every detail is today this company’s trademark, the result of textile alchemy and a philosophy of naturalness.

Brunello Cucinelli


Brunello Cucinelli launched his label in 1978, specialising in dyed cashmere. Today, his luxury total look collections are produced locally with focus on art and quality. A style that is the outcome of dynamic exploration of combinations, colours and patterns. The language of liberty is the lightness featured in all the materials, in painstaking construction and layering.

Casa Fagliano


A tradition of excellence and knowhow handed down through five generations. Since 1892, Casa Fagliano boots have been worn by the greatest polo players in the world. Entirely artisan made, footwear collections by this Argentine brand team Italian manufacturing quality with British understatement in one-of-a-kind articles.

Circolo 1901


The British countryside provides inspiration for the FW18/19 collection. A lifestyle that expresses a sporty, yet elegant and traditional, way of dressing. Warm colours from nature in autumn, such as brown, camel, burgundy and a military green that goes perfectly with forest hues, alongside blue, off white and black. The easy outfit concept characteristic of this brand continues.



Created in 1988 to a project by Gino Quitadamo and Gigi Palomba, the brand was immediately picked by the most important Italian stores. Innovation and contemporary luxury, combined with research into materials, yarns and colours are the guidelines for shirts in Danolis collections. The quality standard of entirely in-house production, strictly made in Italy go hand in hand with rapid establishment of this brand, today sold in more than 200 stores throughout the world.



D’Avenza is a luxury menswear collection. It provides a clear style indication for clothing and is advocate of a new approach to the luxury segment in top-end casual menswear. Not just clothing collections made in Biella, but also accessories and exclusive capsules, alongside a range customised to meet the requests of an elite clientele. This target in particular is also dedicated a collection in fine vicuna, produced in-house.



Made in Italy, elegant artisan shoes that embrace a modern style. Doucal’s was set up in 1973 by Mario Giannini, founder and owner of this company that in just a few decades has gone from being an artisan concern to an industrial business, today managed and developed by the second generation. Doucal’s footwear teams an English look with comfortable Italian fit, guaranteed by an inner sole in the midsole with a layer of active carbon to ensure freshness and an antibacterial effect.



For the FW 18/19 season, Esemplare confirms the DNA of a technological sportswear collection for urban travel use. Simple, refined lines for today’s men who recognise tailoring and textile culture. Increasingly remarkable sensitivity to research into textiles and product engineering. Ultralight water-repellent nylon, padded with technical Thermore padding for super comfortable, practical, warm garments.



A historic brand made in Italy, Felisi designs and produces collections with original, exclusive style. A Felisi bag is designed and produced to last over time and be a loyal companion whether travelling or working. Felisi creates its products using fine leathers teamed with canvas or nylon in a wide range of colours and combinations. The coat of arms—a shield with a luxuriant golden apple tree—featured on all the accessories, belongs to this noble family from Ferrara.

Finamore 1925 Napoli


It was 1925 when Carolina decided to open her first shirt atelier in Naples old city centre. During the nineties, the third generation brought about big change for the company. The dedication of Simone, Paolo, Andrea and Annamaria led this brand to stand out for the taste of its detail-rich creations. Today, shirts have been joined by total look collections and Finamore 1925 Napoli has become an international label sold in top stores around the world.



The product is the heart of this brand headed by Claudio Marenzi—President and CEO—the result of an ability to create and innovate to achieve the perfect balance of function and aesthetics that characterise the collections. Targeting a modern consumer, Herno outerwear is the emblem of exquisite manufacture and unique taste. Style and production coherence resulting from that all-Italian capacity to create top-level products that embrace tradition and modernity.

Iris Von Arnim


Tradition, craftsmanship and a study of quality without compromise. These are the values of this German brand and producer of cashmere garments with timeless design, for 40 years proudly an independent family-run business. New technologies and new constructions are constantly experimented in order to propose anti-conventional, innovative collections, inspired by charismatic personalities and guided by a close eye on all that is on-trend.

JW Brine


The brand was founded in Carrara in a marble sculpting atelier. “The lights here are more inspiring. Making it easier to choose materials and colours.(…) Even white, neutral fabrics, natural and orderly seem the background to a constant idea that exists in this place.” But the wools for the linings come from Peru, the uniforms and military blankets for the insides from barracks, the canvases of the trousers from factories around the world, and the cotton for the bags and parkas from shipyards.



A concept of informal, refined elegance, characterised by great innovation and attention to details. Continual study of materials has led to specialisation in the use of dyeing treatments, processes and exclusive washes. Artisan ageing treatments that give the garment its characteristic old look plus exclusive finishes, all strictly carried out in Italy “on the finished garment."



The idea is to personalise every jacket with signature details, almost as if turning it into a small work of art. The desire is for the wearer to experience these garments “in their own way”. Elegant yet informal, the Lardini man translates and interprets style with decisive, modern taste thanks to garments created from Italian tailoring roots, all about masculine hedonism and romance. A flower that recalls Nouvelle Vague brooches is today a symbol of this classic contemporary pearl of a company in the Marche region.

Manuel Ritz


Set up in the early seventies, this brand inspired by works by its namesake, the Andalusian artist, Manuel Ritz Pipò, made a name for itself with an innovative menswear total look. It has now been bought by Manifattura Paoloni Spa, which has relaunched it with a strategy that aims to build strong, coherent brand awareness. An important brand extension process has brought accreditation as a dynamic, original total look.

Massimo Alba


Massimo Alba started out behind the scenes as a designer and creative director for important companies in the fashion sector. In 2006, the Massimo Alba tradename was registered in Milan, in a continually evolving personal study that also influenced image and collections. The style focuses on the individual link with objects and memories, constant experimentation and attention to detail. Massimo Alba garments stand out for their tailored finishes, lines and exclusive materials, teamed with study of natural finishes.



Founded in the early nineties, this brand bears the name of the family that owns the business and it produces high-quality clothing, with elegant form and a tailored imprint. Suits, outerwear and trousers in fine fabrics represent the brand's strong point and its attention to detail has defined its own classic style, targeting an elegant, dynamic man, not prepared to forgo contemporaneity, seen as a fusion of formal and informal.

Paul & Shark Yachting

Paul&Shark creates sporting, smart casual and luxury lines that are a combination of techno fabrics and elegant style elements. Experimentation into excellence in material quality and processes has always been this brand’s mission. With a decidedly sporty total look, Paul & Shark Yachting is the ideal collection for those who love to live a nautical style on board and on land, while demanding comfort and on-trend details.


Pursuit of excellence and tradition constructed around history, craftsmanship and dedication. These are the inherent values of Premiata, the company belonging to the Mazza family, whose ambition has always been to create something unusual, with farsighted ideas that however never forget its identity and roots. All Premiata articles represent the spirit of our time and a special way of interpreting innovation without separating it from the ancient art of manufacturing.

Pringle of Scotland

An enormous archive documenting over two centuries of history and the claim to being considered one of the oldest luxury companies in the world. Pringle of Scotland is famous for its articles in cashmere, the argyles made icons by the Duke of Windsor, the twinsets and cardigans so beloved by the royal family and Hollywood. But it is has always also been a pioneer company in the sector of British knitwear, for its continual experimentation applied to innovative techniques and to colours combinations that are never banal.

PT Pantaloni Torino

Strong roots, like those of a family that, generation after generation, has turned a passion for clothing into a brand, and its trousers into a must-have in menswear. A true object of desire, inherent in that natural elegance typical of a city like Turin, which makes style an added value. From everyday elegance to advanced contemporary.

R e-HasH

Re-HasH is a brand created out of the professionalism and specialisation of FG 1936 in the manufacture of tailored trousers. Garments designed for discerning adults, makers of their own decisions who shun fashion diktats. Quality fabrics and denims, refined models and attention to details are this all-Italian brand’s values. Understatedly refined, the trousers feature dynamic, versatile lines.

R oda

Luca Roda has freed the tie from the obligatory formalism of male elegance, he has introduced unique, original accessories, turning them into the whim of a refinement that captures details and brings them into the limelight. The Roda man is Italian in spirit, but with a British man’s taste. He lets his style speak through the nonchalance of a carefully knotted printed silk foulard, in the lively shades of a pochette, in hand embroidery on a cashmere scarf.

R oy Roger's

Italian fashion brand belonging to the Sevenbell group, produced by the Florentine company Manifatture 7 Bell S.p.a—pioneers of denim since 1952— Roy Roger's has always been associated with jeans. A visibly recognisable product thanks to technical and style details such as the zip on the back pockets, a small coin pocket on the front and the logo, a black triangle on the right-hand back pocket. Evolution of the brand has expanded the range with a total look assortment that teams influences from the historic archives with contemporary trends.

S and

Passion, creativity and innovation are the cornerstone concepts for this Danish fashion brand. A cool Scandinavian spirit teams with South-European savoir-faire to fuel sophisticated, at times irreverent focus. This mix leads to the creation of collections for the dynamically rich lifestyle of global citizens. A wardrobe for him and her that is composite and comfortable, the perfect balance of new classic and super-contemporary inflections.


“Every day, in Italy and the world, we forge ahead with traditional Neapolitan tailored perfection reworked in our company’s laidback, modern style. We are tradition stitching innovation: we focus our studies on classic models in order to anticipate trends in taste and revive the Italian dress code ethos. We make exclusive garments using the finest materials and unlimited attention to details, for an increasingly global clientele.”


For four generations, Sealup has stood for care and passion for luxury garment manufacture. Uncompromising quality is the philosophy of this company, which is currently one of the world’s most important producers of raincoats and luxury outerwear. Sealup was set up in Milan in 1935 and can today count on one of the very few totally integrated, exclusively Italian industrial structures, with fabric sourcing, pattern making and production all in-house.

Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci SpA was founded in Florence in 1972 by Stefano Ricci and his wife Claudia. The start of creative and business activity by Stefano Ricci coincided with the first collection of printed ties, totally designed and coloured by him and presented at Pitti Uomo. Over the years, the company has become a globally recognised luxury lifestyle brand while remaining true to its “hand-made” and “made in Italy” philosophy. An artisan culture that is visible in every single item and in all the product segments, savoir-faire that harks back to the tradition of top-end Florentine tailoring. In October 2017, Stefano’s sons Niccolò and Filippo took over at the helm.


It all started with the creativity of Pino Lerario, an eclectic and versatile mind able to notice small details, a fabric’s weave, a colour hue, the details of an accessory, a painting, ideas for a new collection. Jacket design is the drawing board for development of creative ideas: tapered, soft shapes, wonderful fit, studied enhancement of details, lapels, shoulders and sleeves are at the base of the very concept of a Tagliatore garment.