Acasual luxury style for Ikeda Kohgei’s Japanese brand.  A collection of crocodile bags that cleverly combine a fashion and classic attitude, offering an innovative proposal for the market of accessories using exotic skins.

Stand: G/10


The symbol of discreet luxuryand fair play, gloves are a revealing accessory. Driving Spirit, Racing, Limited, Downtown and Lifestyle are the five ultra-sophisticated themes of the new collection of gloves reserved for men with a sporty and slightly dandy soul.

Stand: S/24


Signature Goodyear has arrived, a footwear collection created by master craftsmen using lengthy manual processes.  The new models – Oxfords, moccasins, double buckles– present a longer tip and an exclusive design construction with the Goodyear stitching method carried out entirely by hand.  The skins used include French calf and Mississippi alligator, with the patina finish rigorously applied by hand; inverted calfskin, precious thoroughbred hide and lizard skin.

Stand: E/20


Soft Touch is the key concept of the new collection. The crocodile skin is worked in such a way as to make the accessories soft and pleasant to touch. Giosa developed Linea 37 in order to satisfy a desire for comfort, creating bags with simple lines and modest volumes: the sporty shoulder bag, the satchel, the pochette.

Stand: S/23


The meeting between modernity and urban sophistication, the commitment to innovative design combines concepts and trends with craftsmanship. MOA uses the most advanced printing techniques and the most sought-after materials to summarize art, fashion and style in a single product. The collaboration with Disney is just one example.

Stand: K/20


Three luggage collections inspired by three different moods: Japan, Street Music Art, Cubism. Four models where it is the linings that astound. The Geisha line is inspired by Japan, Street Music Art features urban graffiti and the music posters of the jazz age, Cubism picks up some of the most celebrated works of the early 1900s.

Stand: G/4


In its 80 years of history the brand has earned itself the reputation of being “The leather bag creator” par excellence in Japan, supplier to the imperial family and all connoisseurs.

Stand: A/1


Olga Frua dedicates its multicolored catwalk show of pajamas, night gowns, dressing gowns and vests to the protagonists of yesterday and today, playing with stripes and colors, solid colors and embroidery, interpreting unseen designs from its Archives, the heritage of the family’s ancient printing works. Extremely elegant, the pin-stripe satin pajama with regular stripes, for Latin lovers, the bed jacket reminiscent of the aristocratic Twentieth Century, the short velvet dressing gown.

Stand: S/21


A style that mirrors the city of Dublin with its frank and subtly dark soul. Luxury rings display names like Grey Riot or The Cuban, targeting men with a distinct personality, lovers of design and works of fine jewelry.

Stand: E/16


A flower placed in the button hole has become the maximum expression of sartorial dressing. The man who wears a boutonnière on his jacket lapel emanates self-confidence, exhibiting his personal style, class, and individuality.

Stand: E/25


Passion, elegance, the search for perfection. Innovation that respects tradition for shoes of the very highest quality. Handmade by expert master craftsmen, shoes created using French calfskin, alligator and American cordovan, valuable linings in cashmere, ermine and mink. Each creation is hand-painted and embellished with sophisticated antique effects.

Stand: F/16


Two shapes and stylistic foundations for the elegant new collection of cufflinks designed by the Parisian brand: the Archétype and the Cabochon. Eleven mm diameter for the men’s model, ten for the women’s one, renewing the wardrobe with a touch of refined luxury.

Stand: O/20 


An intertwining of passions, for the family, the territory and the most traditional Made in Italy know how transferred to leather goods gave life to this company which, for decades, has been a point of reference for the great luxury brands thanks to its impeccable belts, the symbol of sophistication and savoir faire. A few seasons ago it also launched a line of bags.

Stand: F/15


Innovative shapes combine the classic eclectic style of Spektre with a timeless and sophisticated feel. Unisex and evergreen models clearly contrast with square or angular frames characterized by strong colors.

Stand: E/26


The Ulturale family had already been working in the menswear world for a number of years when Vincenzo – the son of the founder Mario – decided to launch his own line of ties. Cut, sewn and finished by hand using fabrics from the most prestigious Italian and British manufacturers, Ulturale ties belong to the finest Neapolitan sartorial tradition.

Stand: O/23