“I would just like the people wearing my clothes to be happy.” This sentence encapsulates a feeling with an almost naïve flavour, when compared to the rigid strategies of the fashion world, suspended in that eternal dualism between creativity and business, it reveals all the passion and talent of Teppei Fujita.
Born in 1984, the Japanese designer is the soul of the sulvam brand, which will be showing at Pitti Uomo 91, thanks to a special agreement with the Japan Fashion Week Organization.

What does participating in Pitti Uomo mean to you? And what do you expect to gain from this experience in Florence? Any thoughts about the event?

I think that PITTI UOMO is the most important event for someone who designs menswear and I am hoping that the menswear brand Sulvam will gain recognition worldwide as a result of this experience.

What about the collection, what are your main sources of inspiration? Which kind of man do you have in mind when you design?

I only create my collection based on the emotions I am feeling at that time and I want my brand to be clothes that are worn by cool men.

Tell us something about your experience with Yohji Yamamoto. What did it mean for your personal and professional life?

I was able to design my collection on my own now thanks to everything I witnessed there. In terms of my personal life… maybe I learned something about women! lol

How would you define your style? How do you think others (public, clients) perceive your style?

I believe that I have my own steady style and I think that others know that too.

What does contemporary tailoring mean for you? And in this field, how different are East and West, in terms of male attitudes and fashion tastes?

I think that the East and the West are totally different and I fall in more with the Eastern style. I’m not a fan of formal, stiff tailoring. I want to create a mood with my garments.

What are your plans for the future, professionally speaking?

I want to become a designer who is well-known by people worldwide, but I don’t care how highly I am rated. I just want the people who wear my collection to be happy.