@ Pitti Immagine Uomo 95


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Climbers is born, the FW19 collection that dresses the climber in the spirit, in the constant search for horizons to conquer, for summits to reach. The final effect is a street-luxury collection reinterpreted in a sporty-tech key. Technology - which the brand pursues through the development of international patents such as the use of ultrasound stitching - is the pivot for all style innovations.


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The collection represents the DNA of the Bruno Bordese brand without holding back. Not linked to one season and designed to become must-have pieces, it pays tribute not only to the link between music and fashion but the clubs and the DJs who always don the brand’s footwear. It’s a complete lifestyle made up of places and activities that represent the brand in Burning Man, clubbing, Berlin’s themes.

Luxury Japanese brand Duren presents two new collaborative capsule of accessories: one with French designer Benoit-Pierre Emery and the other with New York-based artist Shantell Martin. It starts off with a classic reference and the androgynous DNA of the Duren brand that is then reinforced by iconic crinkled leather and the label’s signature Bread Bag.


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London-based designer Eleanor McDonald is inspired by the silhouettes and misshapen clothes seen in documentary photography. She reverse engineers these proportions in her work. The clothing presents an underlying sensuality wrapped up in classic looks. The effect is linked to the forms that she assigns to each piece of apparel.


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Discover the first Haculla toy collection at this inaugural viewing during Pitti Uomo 95. Haculla will also showcase an exclusive preview of limited-edition pieces created for the occasion reflecting the pop art street culture that thrives in downtown NYC. Focus on the special limited edition handpainted t-shirts and the cover phone capsule.

HUEMN is a ready-to-wear fashion label from India. With its constantly evolving narrative and multicultural aesthetic, the brand’s identity is young, dynamic and attentive to the community. It puts a strong emphasis on design together with unique manufacturing methods. HUEMN garments are handcrafted in-house with techniques that are unique to the brand.


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Huge Underground Business is a new sportswear brand that incorporates sartorial elements. Located in Florence, a city that unites different styles and youth cultures, its desi¬gners draw influence from underground trends and vintage looks. Shiny, laminated fabrics stand out for FW 19, inspired by the American West and its surroundings.


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An androgynous collection inspired by English tailoring. The overall aesthetic is a minimal look with unique details from a vantage military airforce jacket, the collection is designed for versatility and functionality with a contemporary take on British tailoring.


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A menswear fashion label that goes against everything fast fashion stands for. The collection embodies elegance and simplicity through streamlined silhouettes and precise tailoring. An exploration of the classics to bend the rules of traditional menswear, challenging gender stereoptypes.


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A project in the present, in tune with the world, but defined by the Italian character, which is nourished by traditional craftsmanship. Aesthetics and technique are combined in a precise formula: a distillate of creativity, comfort and design of the shoe, declined according to research and innovation.


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MHRS is a high-street fashion label designed by Thomas "Tomakira" Li. Originally born in Hong Kong and raised in Japan, Tomakira has developed his own unique style of eastern inspired street fashion. MHRS is essentially a reflection of the street culture that thrives in Tokyo and Hong Kong. Tomakira remains anonymous - while letting his designs and products speak on behalf of himself.


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A footwear tradition that dates back to 1929, a determination that is always relevant. From Spain, the collections of New Rock boots are declined in a myriad of styles - from motorcycle to goth, from Texan to neopunk - without losing a thread of personality. With a series of colabs that make them special every time.


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From Argentina, a collection characterized by textile research focused on unconventional materials. Sustainability, genderless and veganism are part of the key message that Romina Cardillo transmits in every product. The new Capsule 3D is a strong statement: “We only used recycled plastic textile fibers so we can help eliminate the plastic already installed in our planet”.

OMC, an acronym for Occult Media Control, aims to create iconic garments always including a specific story or message, often hidden. The FW19 mixes street style with the lesson of tailoring and knitwear, experimenting with a new total look construction. Focus also on the evolution of the PROTOTYPE* line.


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Established in 2011, independent clothing brand Pas de Mer creates timeless goods with effortless sophistication. Imbued with a sense of attitude, they draw inspiration from music, art, graffiti, sports and nature.


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Created in Japan, the brand was developed from concepts designed by Polite + Piquant. It draws on the country’s ancient traditions and a propensity to rebel. Japanese craftsmanship and Japanese fabrics come together in a collection of ready-to-wear pieces inspired by the streets of Tokyo and which present an innovative blend of fashion and functionality.


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“Unusual sweater for extraordinary people”. A new collection of high-performance and eco-sustainable garments that this season is inspired by the primary elements of the earth. Focus on the first eco-tech (bio-compostable) jacket made in Italy.


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The new collection presents garments made of mixture of natural materials like cotton, wool and premium leathers. A mix of organic materials embodying a minimalist urban style. The sneakers are full leather, sporty and chunky in black/ grey shade colors to emphasize the urban character of the brand.


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THOM KROM crafts unique pieces that celebrate individuality without calling attention to itself. It’s for those who like functional garments with a refined, unusual touch; it’s for those who prefer evening over daytime and who enjoy the rhythms of the big city. Each garment is constructed according to a precise idea free of constraints and which makes a perfect complement to any wardrobe.

Tsung is a Taiwan-based menswear brand created by Joe Chan that looks to present its vision of style for today’s man using wearable garments filled with cutting-edge detailing. It is built on a harmonious blend of street style, passion, contemporary art and advanced production methods from its homeland.


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Unawares plays around with fashion by bringing to the fore labels and garment tags that are usually hidden away. With its new collection the emerging Chinese label continues in its effort to define its contemporary style, one characterized by trendy shapes combined with a straightforward color palette.

VFTS is a Milan-based collective founded by designers, makers and creators aiming to capture the zeitgeist. VFTS stands for Voices From The Street and represents the wants, desires and needs of artists, creatives, innovators and street adventurers who have all made their living in the big city.


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A perfect marriage between the artisanal heritage of Italian leather and the innovative world of sneakers. Ylati - Italy spelled backward - reflects the Made in Italy with its attention to detail, aesthetic taste, the blend of innovation and tradition.