Pitti Discovery

The Pitti Discovery Foundation mission is to reflect on the relationships between fashion, art, architecture, communication and the short circuit that triggers off their interaction. A seismograph and catalyser of projects, ideas and trends that bring shape and identity to thinking and contemporary creativity.  

The Pitti Discovery Foundation promotes and enhances cultural research and artistic productions, analysing those areas where fashion finds its creative inspirations and forms of experimentation.
Pitti Immagine Discovery was officially founded on 9 April 1999 with presentation of “These Restless Minds”, a video installation by the Californian artist Doug Aitken. The challenge undertaken by Pitti Immagine was to create a location in Florence where attention could be focused on the most stimulating studies of contemporary languages. 
Inside the Pitti Immagine headquarters in Via Faenza a special area was turned into an exhibition venue by the architect Claudio Silvestrin.

This was the start of a unique experience, under the direction of Francesco Bonami: neither a gallery, nor a museum or even a collection. It is an ongoing workshop where the capacity of a company to affect a city and its cultural life is experimented with a precise objective in mind.
In the spring of 2002, Pitti Immagine and the CFMI (Italian fashion centre in Florence) turned the Discovery programme into the Pitti Immagine Discovery Foundation, with the aim of giving greater institutional importance to the Group’s activities  linked to contemporaneity. Over the years the Foundation has independently produced numerous exhibition and publishing projects that compare fashion, visual arts, cinema, photography, advertising, architecture and music. Innovative pioneering projects that inspire fashion processes and form the basis for  increasingly more frequent dialogue. 
The initiatives presented by the Pitti Discovery Foundation are a reflection of the multi-faceted international creative scenario: a project experience that also narrates recent developments in the cultural and communication strategy of Pitti Immagine.
In 2008 the Foundation started working with the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze Observatory for Contemporary Arts, putting together projects linked to contemporaneity.