Chateau-Vacant with the word "Serendipity" at It's Graphics Now! The Words of the Future

The “Serendipity” vision of Château-Vacant

A graphic design studio in Montreal that is both agency and artistic collective. This young, continually evolving project combines the talent of Yannick Calvez, (27-year-old graduate from the National School of Applied Arts Olivier de Serres in Paris), Baptiste Alchourroun and Lémuel Malicoutis (26 and 25 years old respectively, both graduates from the National School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg). This is slow-graphic design, where digital moves aside to make room for the handmade, inspired by everyday life in its colours, materials and subjects. Clients include magazines, music labels and clothing companies.
Their “nomadic” career – Yannick, Baptiste and Lémuel have in fact worked in Santiago de Chile, San Diego and, today, Montreal – is however  based on the unifying concept of “Serendipity”: that feeling of surprise when you discover something unexpected you weren’t actually looking for.  And this is also the word chosen by this studio to represent the symbolic graphics for the winter shows “made in Pitti”.