What I saw today

Illustration by Richard Haines

New York-based designer, Richard Haines not only cultivates a passion for fashion, but above all has a great talent for illustration. Haines has studied art, graphic design and painting, a background that has been important in his career in the fashion syste,. Just his love for drawing led him to New York, where he  developed a keen eye for fabrics, shapes and colors through the different experiences as a designer for international brands, from Calvin Klein, BillBlass, Perry Ellis, up to Sean Combs.
Now Richard Haines is one of the most recognized illustrators from Style Magazine and the New York Times and his work has been exhibited in many important art galleries.

Since 2008, Richard opened his blog What I saw today in which he keeps on recording what happens around  him. Artistic sketches which are able to start a dialogue with the people represented and to tell a story besides the style of the single person.

For Pitti Uomo 80 Richard Haines has developed a series of illustrations about the event-performance "Dress like a man"  A series of sketches exclusively for Pitti Uomo tell a new sense of contemporary elegance seen through the pen of Richard Haines.