Hyoun Youl Joe (Hey Joe): let's get to know the graphic designers of It's Graphics Now! The words of the future

Reorient is the word chosen for the giude-theme of Pitti Immagine

Hyoun Youl Joe is a graphic designer based in Seoul. After studying Visual Communication and Design at Dankook University in the South Korean capital, where he currently teaches, he completed his training with an M.F.A. in Yale in 2009, the same year he founded his own studio “Hey Joe”. His work combines experimentation and research inside the creative shortcuts of images and texts from well-defined social and cultural contexts: reconnection, combination and reorientation of the same towards new graphic horizons. This peculiar modus operandi of his provides the word chosen for the visual vocabulary that will go to make up the new guide-theme for Pitti Immagine: “Reorient”. Hyoun’s clients include artists, editors, curators and cultural institutions. Recently he has shown special aptitude in his focus on the functions and roles of communication media.