Julia with the word "Memory" at It's Graphics Now! The Words of the Future

The "Memory" of Julia at Pitti Immagine

A young graphics studio with a good cross-section both internationally speaking – working in its London headquarters are an Italian, Valerio di Lucente, a Frenchman, Erwan Lhiussier and a Brazilian, Hugo Timm – and for the kind of work it does, using different kinds of media such as print, digital and typeface design.
These three graphic designers met at the Royal College of Art in London and after graduating they founded the “Julia” studio in 2008. Their clients include Wallpaper Magazine and Elephant Magazine, for which they are the artistic directors, and the British Council. Their work ranges from actual graphics to teaching, organisation of lessons, workshops and courses in major design schools in Great Britain and also at the IUAV in Venice.
The word they have chosen for the guide-theme of Pitti Immagine is “Memory”.