We Have Photoshop with the word Now for It's Graphics Now! The Words of the Future

An in-depth look at one of the 14 graphics designers

We Have Photoshop is the result of the creative talent of Andrew Shurtz, Mike Gallagher, Rebecca Gimenez and Sebastian Campos, in Brooklyn, Canada and Spain. They graduated with an MFA from the Yale School of Art in 2007 and since then have produced numerous books, catalogues, installations, posters, videos and websites for private individuals, companies and institutions such as: Gareth Long, Merge Records, MIT Press, The Center for Architecture, Urbanism and Infrastructure at Princeton University, The Whitney Museum of American Art and Yale University. The word chosen by these graphic designers for the guide-theme project for the Pitti Immagine winter shows is “Now”.
Their interest converges on the relationship between people, images and objects and how the latter condition the locations and situations into which they are inserted. An interaction that brings together different contrasting elements with uniquely surprising outcomes. This is the sense behind the graphic Manifest of “We have Photoshop”.
A graphic design idea also reflected in the studio’s desire to put together workshops, lessons and courses on an international level, such as those held at City College in New York and the Yale School of Art. Among other things, they are currently working on the project for the first edition of “Convolution”, a magazine that explores alternative forms of critical and creative writing.