Yorel Cayla with the word "Share" at It's Graphics Now! The Words of the Future

The graphic designer Yorel Cayla has chosen the word "Share" for new Pitti Immagine theme-guide

“A planner with a sense of aesthetics”, is how Yorel Cayla describes himself, taking his cue from the famous words of Bruno Munari. Yorel is a French graphic designer based in Paris, where he graduated at the National College of Arts and Design Olivier de Serres in 2008. For two years now he has taught typography and book design in the French capital. Straight out of university he gained experience in the Yokoland graphic design studio in Oslo. Yorel Cayla sees his work as a demanding stimulating mission that entails continual research for new ideas in the field of graphic design, exploring visual identities, typefaces and editorial design. Supported by a strong capacity for visualisation, his conceptual approach is playful and original and allows him to create bespoke solutions for all his clients. The word he has chosen for the Pitti Immagine guide-theme is Share.