Pitti BooksWear Mania

The theme for the January fairs is a tribute to books and their intrinsic, versatile beauty

Pitti Bookswear is the key theme for the Pitti Immagine winter fairs. “And that’s because reading will always be fashionable”, says Agostino Poletto, Deputy General Manager of Pitti Immagine.And because the world of fashion does not feed only on magazines, but it presents concepts and images that also have their roots in books (and that are often transposed into books). In January, books with all their physicality will be the leading players at Pitti Uomo and the other Pitti Immagine fairs. Walls of books, cascades of books will be painted here and there, or their spines will become piecemeal puzzle images”.

The Pitti Bookswear site-and-statement, designed by Oliviero Baldini, will be the large plaza at the Fortezza da Basso facing the Main Pavilion, and there will be more inside the several pavilions. Books will be the novel material for original settings and solutions.
One of the plans includes a library of world famous titles, with references to the Pitti world here and there,  and lots of opportunities to involve buyers and visitors who will be able to participate in Pitti Bookswear with their Smartphones, tablets and, of course, via the social media.
The Pitti Bookswear atmosphere will also extend to the Pitti W at the Dogana, with contaminations on the theme in the layout of the women’s showings, with striking sets and installations.