An interview to Oliviero Baldini, curator of BookswearMania

Pitti Bookswearmania: the new installation in the halls in January is a tribute to reading

Books will be the stars of the production design, installation and initiatives of the Pitti salons in January. An exhibition that pays tribute to reading and its importance realized by the curator Oliviero Baldini.
By book you mean....?
Complement to life. Surrounded by books, enriches - in addition to everything that belongs to a person - the cultural depth of certain experiences.
All communications and messages of the last editions of Pitti have focused on the quality of life: even with the theme of last year's Wonderfood Pitti, the message was aimed at a search for authenticity. So this year, in testimony of the fact that the passion to read books feeds the world of fashion and that fashion in turn stimulates it.
All clearly contextualized with respect to the period and the time: whether it's on-line, through a tablet or favouring the romantic idea of a book to keep, each-one chooses his method, but reading is still undoubtedly enriching. An element to improve, to analyse, to understand each other and have fun: an essential point for the construction of a contemporary person.
How did you select the titles and what are the focal points of the installation?
It was a very laborious job, as we plan to use tens of thousands of books. We chose the most strategic points: the façade of the Lyceum, which is the entrance to the Fortress, will be recreated as a library in front of the central pavilion with a skateboard, a symbol of youth culture, will be wrapped with numerous book covers. And then a poster created with vintage publications, images that portray people as they read: the book will dominate life in the Fortress.