Henry Cotton’s will dress Pitti Boys and Girls

Pitti Uomo 84 sees continuation of the special partnership with Henry Cotton’s, the brand inspired by Anglo-American lifestyle founded in 1978. Yet again, Pitti boys & girls all around the show will be dressed in this British-flavour style with its informal twist.
Discreet timeless elegance features across all the collections by this brand, named after the Englishman Henry Thomas Cotton, the world famous golfer and founder of the Golf Foundation through which he developed a new interpretation of this sport. He was known not only for his sporting talent but also for his style and marked sense of elegance. The iconic “fly fishing” logo depicts the line being cast.
The ideal style partner who has created a special uniform for both the boys and the girls: a casual look with white Oxford shirt for him and blue and white cotton shirt in a micro Vichy check for her. For both, the shirt will be teamed with beige cotton Chinos, a typical item borrowed from the world of sportswear. A colour palette inspired by the warm feel of the south.