Première Vision and Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana present

A view on sustainable fashion

A talk on sustainability inspired by the book:

FEBRUARY 12TH 2013 _ 2.30 PM
Mezzanine of Hall 6 – Room 611 
on the occasion of Première Vision
Première Vision will be hosting a conference focused on the new challenges raised by eco-responsibility within the fashion industry. This conference/debate will take as its starting point the questions and issues raised in the book “THE BEAUTIFUL AND THE GOOD. A view from Italy on sustainable fashion”, which was co-authored by Marco Ricchetti, an economist and professor of design at the University of Milan Polytechnic - and Maria Luisa Frisa, fashion critic and director of the fashion design program at the IUAV University in Venice.
International luxury conglomerates are investing in sustainable brands, giants of mass retail offer apparel made of eco-friendly fibers, small brands incorporate recycled and discarded materials into their clothing to create a sophisticated fashion aesthetic, social responsibility becomes cool in marketing, and artisanal work and durable quality are rediscovered.