Frecce, to Florence by train

Discounts for Pitti immagine 2013/2014

• save 30% in first class (Business in Frecciarossa) and 10% in second class (Standard and Premium in Frecciarossa)
• offer reserved to exhibitors and buyers

Discounts on Frecce Trenitalia for exhibitors and buyers during Pitti Immagine events this a/w 2013/2014 in Florence and Milan.

Exhibitors and buyers can buy the Frecce Trenitalia tickets saving 30% on the basic price for first class (Business level in Frecciarossa) and 10% for second class (Standard and Premium level in Frecciarossa). This is the result of the agreement entered by Pitti Immagine and Trenitalia.

To take advantage of discounts please contact Gruppi Trenitalia offices in Bologna ( and Florence (

Following is a list of the other events in 2013 with discounts for travellers on Frecce Trenitalia:

Modaprima: 22/24.11.2014 (available from the 21 to the 25 of November=
Pitti Uomo and Pitti W: 7/10.01.2014 (available from the 6 to the 11 January 2014)
Pitti Bimbo: 16/18.01.2014 (available from 15 to the 19 January 2014)
Pitti Filati: 22/24.01.2014 (available from the 21 to the 25 January 2014)
Super:22/24.02.2014 (available from th 21 to the 25 February)
Taste: 8/10.03.2014 (available from the 7 to the 11 March)

The partnership with Pitti Immagine confirms that, having revolutionised the travelling habits of millions of Italians, Frecce Trenitalia are a positive resource for Italy, favouring its economic, productive and tourism system with a remarkable saving on CO2.