Vroom Pitti Vroom

The main theme for the June fairs

Vroom Pitti Vroom is the main theme of Pitti Uomo 84, Pitti W 12, Pitti Bimbo 77 and Pitti Filati 73


“We will be talking about motorcycles, the pleasure and passion of two wheels”, says Agostino Poletto, Deputy General Manager of Pitti Immagine, “the feeling of freedom and fun it is to ride and drive them. We will talk about styles and lifestyles. Naturally, we will talk about the clothes and accessories that are part of the biking world. Bending into curves and pleated pants, silk and wrenches, fine linens and oil stains on the ground, studs and sport, denim and high tech fabrics, leather, helmets and velvets. Vroom Pitti Vroom: at Pitti Uomo, this coming June, you will hear the roar of the bike and fashion”. Big bikes and small bikes, humble and luxury bikes, bikes that come off the assembly line and special bikes (custom-crafted, or even self built), Italian, English Japanese, German or American bikes, new and vintage (and we will be looking them nostalgically while young riders who are getting bored with “new no matter what” will be examining them with interest.
So many different bikes, so many different biking cultures, so many different men who love riding and are united by the contemporary insolence of traveling in equilibrium with wind, sun, dust and rain, never “in the box” and always fleet (that doesn’t necessarily mean speeding!)..
Motorcycles are design in motion, and the many you will see around the Fortezza da Basso will be in motion – even if they are standing still. Starting from the Main Court, where unique, never-seen-before models, super-fantastic versions created for this occasion that are more in tune with art than road-holding functions will be zooming through a series of open-air wind tunnels. Design by Oliviero Baldini.
And…in the Main Pavilion’s stairwell, a winged crown of reflectors will be the background for a special installation dedicated to the legendary “biker jacket”, with a selection of iconic jackets from the vintage collection of Andrea Brà (of HTC – Hollywood Trading Company Los Angeles). A long dragon, made of saddles, will be greeting visitors outside the Sala delle Nazioni.
And…flash-mobs, from the ‘Sixties and ‘Seventies with legendary names (“Corsarino”, “Aspes”, “Fantic Caballero”, “Ancillotti”…) who made adolescents dream back then; blow-ups of a bike and its myriad components; an exhibition of sun and racing eyewear; and, in the Spazio Belfiore, a Riders’ Station – a gas station for hungry and thirsty riders – produced in cooperation with the magazine Riders; pictures of repair shops and garages for bike-fanatics, of tattoos, or bikers’ girls, and of the old glories of racing, of men who ride in suits and ties, and those who transform the old “Ciao” mopeds into off-road bikes, of the exhibitors whom we asked to send us pictures of their “beauties” and of the trips they took together.