PING PITTI PONG: is the title-theme for June 2014

Ping Pitti Pong is the title-theme summer tradeshows and will focus on the simplest, almost-Zen, aspect of sports (without limits on age, gender, or season).

Ping pong perfectly embodies the lifestyle and essential elements common to every sport”, says Agostino Poletto, deputy general manager of Pitti Immagine, “physical action and mental concentration, speed and technical skill, competitiveness and fun. Through Ping Pitti Pong, Pitti, with its unique style, will portray the contemporary world through sport and its extremely close ties with fashion, the endless game where each response is different, the results uncertain, and the strategy and final outcome change constantly.

With the setting designed by Oliviero Baldini
, Ping Pitti Pong will include a special cooperation with La Gazzetta dello Sport and a series of initiatives that will involve the Pitti People – buyers, exhibitors and the press.