"Fashion and Made in Italy" 2014

The Degree Award from the Florence Centre of Italian Fashion dedicated to Alfredo Canessa

The Leonardo Committee – the Italian Quality Committee – has established a Degree Award which will be presented by the CFMI and dedicated to its Past President, Alfredo Canessa.

The intention is to mark research done by young students or employees in the sector who, starting with an analysis of the current financial situation in the fashion sector, identify future scenarios and strategies for the promotion of fashion products Made in Italy. In particular, emphasis will be placed on the analysis of the relationship, within the current market situation, between the creative process, the construction of the Italian fashion product and the manual and artisan dimension. The committee will also assess the analysis of the influence of the artisan dimension on the production and communication strategies of brands in the sector.

The deadline for participation in the Degree Prize will be 31 October 2014. Entries will be judged by a panel of sector experts identified by the Florence Centre of Italian Fashion.  The prize-giving will take place at the Quirinal Palace during the “Premi Leonardo” awards ceremony, in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic.

Entries must fulfil the following requirements:

_A Master’s thesis submitted after 01/01/2011.


_A final essay for a three or four-year fashion school or academy course.

Candidates who were winners during previous editions are not permitted to submit theses or essays.
For further information on how to participate, www.cfmi.it

The full announcement is also available on the following website www.comitatoleonardo.it