Nana Bianca | 16 May 2014| 6 p.m. | Florence, Via Ippolito Pindemonte, 63

La Moda e L'innovazione

In Florence, the Gaetano Marzotto Prize will be meeting various experts from the world of fashion, guests of the Nana Bianca accelerator.

A meeting between businesspeople and innovators in the world of fashion to present the fourth edition of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize; this is the most significant award for business in the new Italy and has opened its competition to all those businesspeople and constructors of the future able to link together innovation, business, and society; the competition is open until 18 June.


This is an occasion for celebrating the entry of the Nana Bianca accelerator into the competition which this year offers a network that has been redoubled, thanks to the entry of twelve new incubators and accelerators from all over Italy, and now with a total prize money of over one million Euros.
Matteo Marzotto, president of the Associazione Progetto Marzotto which promotes the initiative, in thanking Paolo Barberis and Alessandro Sordi, co-founders of Nana Bianca, has said, "Sustainability, social benefits in Italy, even in terms of employment, and innovation are the guiding principles of the Gaetano Marzotto Prize which, in just four years, has been able to construct an important platform aimed at creating opportunities for meetings between the world of innovation and the industrial and productive system in Italy. These are characteristics that my grandfather Gaetano, to whom the Prize is dedicated, promoted with farsighted vision for all his life, thus helping to create a business that is socially responsible and that distributes, not only resources, but also knowhow, in order to facilitate the development of new entrepreneurship."
"The Gaetano Marzotto Prize is considered a genuine reference point for Italy's ecosystem for innovation; it backs the birth of new business and is involved with creating the environmental conditions for a paradigmatic change" says Cristiano Seganfreddo, the moderator of the meeting and the general director of the Associazione Progetto Marzotto, which was set up in 2010 on the wishes of Giannino Marzotto. He continues, "This year, in order to launch the competition, we have decided to organize a series of inspirational meetings that, from time to time, will examine various key themes for the economic development of our country through the testimonies of the most significant and forward-looking protagonists of the world of business and innovation, people who, we hope, will inspire and motivate the new businesspeople who are the candidates for the Prize."
There will be testimonies by Vincenzo Maria Franco, general director of Pitti Immagine, who will talk about, the online fair project devoted to workers in the fashion sector and which each season hosts the digital versions of  Pitti Uomo, Pitti W, Pitti Bimbo, and Pitti Filati; Felice Limosani, a contemporary storyteller who, with his installations, performances, and art metaphors has discovered how to recount the fascination of such brands as Pucci, Tod’s, Swarovsky, Adidas, and Armani; and Maria Odetti, project manager of Luisaviaroma, a firm with its headquarters in Florence since 1930 and which today can boast of one of fashion's most important e-commerce sites with 4 million visitors each month and dispatches throughout the world; since 2009 it has, as part of its development strategy, begun social networking with Facebook which today has become the platform producing the greatest amount of traffic for the online shop.
These will be flanked by the stories of various start-ups involved with the world of fashion, such as Buru Buru, Family Nation, Wowcracy, TRJ 3X, and XYZE Srl, proposed by Nana Bianca and by the Gaetano Marzotto Prize.