Walkabout Pitti is the title-theme for the January editions

Walkabout Pitti is the title-theme of the January 2015 Pitti fairs and it will explore the essential, endless and always current theme of traveling on foot. And this does not simply mean getting from point A to point B, but rather following the path that connects the two…on foot.

Walking today means taking care of yourself, doing and thinking at your own pace, being more aware of the people and things around you.
It is an activity that seemed to have disappeared from our society, but it has made a comeback as a central part of contemporary lifestyles. Now that we are no longer obliged to walk, we try to do it as much as possible: in the city – in parks or streets, hopefully in a no-traffic zone, in the country, on mountain paths, along the way to Santiago de Compostela, or in the Australian Outback. But even in the gym or at home. We walk to improve our health and wellness, to think about ourselves, to be alone or with friends, as a sport, or just for pure fun.
“Today, more than ever before walking is an expression and acceptance of a way of life”, says Agostino Poletto, deputy general manager of Pitti Immagine. “Its’ a world that powerfully evokes its own outfits. Walkabout Pitti will be a hymn to multiple technical facets, clothing styles and their uses, and to the central role of accessories. Through Oliviero Baldini’s set design, the Fortezza da Basso will be transformed into a mixed terrain of different experiences and paths winding through the pavilions, illustrated by brochures, maps, apps and other devices”.

Thanks to the contribution of Vodafone Italia
, the setup will also feature tablet stations connected via webcam to the most important squares in the world, through which real time artistic performances dedicated to movement can be followed and with which visitors can interact, experiencing the speed of Vodafone 4G.

To celebrate this January’s title-theme, Cuoio di Toscana together with Pitti Immagine has created the special installation “Words of Walking”
: in the Cavedio-Courtyard of the Main Pavilion, there will be an artistic collection of famous words and phrases inspired by the concept of walking, from Hippocrates to Pasolini, from Confucius to Herman Hesse, a movable feast, eclectic and pop, to celebrate the value of movement and speech, imprinted in the world.

Also in honor of Walkabout Pitti there will be the “Gazzetta Social Walking"
project realized by Gazzetta dello Sport and Technogym: four areas of the Fortezza – the GazzaLook Lounge, the Arsenale, the external courtyard between the Main Pavilion and the Cavaniglia Pavilion, and the Lounge of the Main Pavilion – will become special fitness points where some Technogym treadmills will be made available to the Pitti People. And, for every kilometer walked, Gazzetta dello Sport will make a donation of 1 Euro to Emergency.
And, for the Pitti People, a community of great walkers, there will be new maps, special panoramic itineraries, with records that have been broken and others yet to be surpassed, new places to take a break before demanding exploits.