The general meeting of the shareholders also elected the new board of directors

The general meeting of the shareholders of the Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana (Cfmi) – the public-private organization that also owns Pitti Immagine and Ente Moda Italia, and is one of  the founding members of Polimoda – was held today in Florence and elected Andrea Cavicchi as its new president for a three-year term, from 2015 to 2017.

An entrepreneur, owner of the Furpile Idea textile firm, current president of the Unione Industriale Pratese, vice president of Confindustria Toscana and board-member of Sistema Moda Italia, Andrea Cavicchi was already on the board of Cfmi and up to today served as vice president.

Andrea Cavicchi, who will take office during the next meeting of the Board of Directors, and who can be reelected for another three years, is taking over from Stefano Ricci, who was at the helm of Cfmi from 2012 to 2015.
The meeting was chaired by the outgoing president, Mr. Ricci, who thanked the shareholders and the Board of Directors for their support, confidence and the work they had all done together, and for the request that he again run for the office – a request that was publically voiced over the past few days. Having first listened to the shareholders’ opinion and preferences, which led to the mandate to find a person who is very familiar with the issues related to Italian and international trade fairs and their respective scenarios – he submitted the candidates’ names that were accepted and approved by the meeting which then went on to unanimously elect the new president. 
The meeting also elected the new Board of Directors which now comprises: Franco Baccani (new, nominated by the Unione Industriali Pratese and the City of Prato), Claudio Bianchi (new, from the Florence CCIAA - Chamber of Commerce), Stefano Ciuoffo (new, Tuscan Regional Government Commissioner for Manufacturing), Ferruccio Ferragamo (reelected, from the City of Florence, Città Metropolitana e Industriali Firenze), Luca Giusti (reelected, from the Prato CCIAA – Chamber of Commerce), Marcello Gozzi (reelected, from the Prato CCIAA – Chamber of Commerce), Luca Lotti (undersecretary tot the Office of the Prime Minister, reelected, from the City of Florence, Città Metropolitana e Industriali Firenze), Niccolò Manetti (new, from the Florence CCIAA – Chamber of Commerce) and Claudio Marenzi (reelected, from Sistema Moda Italia).
The meeting also elected the members of the Board of Auditors, chaired by Antonio Bertani (reelected), who will be flanked by two auditors: Laura Benedetto (new) and Sauro Settesoldi (new).
On behalf of the shareholders and the new board, Mr. Cavicchi thanked the outgoing board and in particular Stefano Ricci:
The past three years that I have worked with him and the board have been an extraordinary, and very educational experience for me. I am happy, that by electing me, the shareholders have wanted to send a message of continuity and thus expressed their desire to continue with the work that has been undertaken. My special thanks to the institutions for having worked with us in a manner that focuses concretely on the development of our area. My efforts will all be directed towards strengthening the power, importance and image of Florence and the territory that supports it in the domestic and international fashion system. Clearly, the starting point is always the trade fairs and promotional projects, where alongside of Pitti Immagine’s successes, the role of Ente Moda Italia is also expanding, but we shall also dedicate much attention to the worlds of education, training and culture”.