Claudio Marenzi is the new President of Pitti Immagine

The Board of Directors of the Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana has passed a resolution regarding the Presidency and the Board of Directors of Pitti Immagine for the next mandate

Late yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 28 February 2017, the Board of Directors of the Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana met in Florence. The Board of the Centro, under the presidency of Andrea Cavicchi, deliberated on the presidency and the Board of Directors of the subsidiary company Pitti Immagine:
Claudio Marenzi was appointed President
Andrea Cavicchi was appointed Vice President.
The Board then went on to deliberate the composition of the new Board of Directors of Pitti Immagine which shall remain in office until February 2020, with the approval of the 2019 financial statements. In addition to Claudio Marenzi and Andrea Cavicchi, the following directors were appointed: Carlo Piacenza (CEO of ‎Fratelli Piacenza S.p.a, and president of the Unione Industriale Biellese), Claudio Orrea (CEO of Patrizia Pepe); Niccolò Biondi (CEO of Roy Roger's), Micaela Le Delivelec (EVP and Chief Consumer Officer of Gucci), Niccolò Manetti (Company director, marketing and communications director of Giusto Manetti Battiloro S.p.a), Franco Baccani (CEO of B&G and B&G Produzioni, vice president of Confindustria Firenze).
The Shareholders’ Meeting of Pitti Immagine subsequently accepted the indications of the Centro’s BoD and proceeded with the appointments.  The new president, Marenzi, indicated Raffaello Napoleone as the ninth company director, who shall be ratified at the Centro’s next BoD.
Andrea Cavicchi and the entire Board of the Centro warmly thanked the outgoing president Gaetano Marzotto, as well as all the outgoing directors for their excellent work over the years in the interests of the Pitti trade fairs and the Italian fashion industry.