Virtus Palestre for BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS

For VIRTUS Palestre, aesthetic sport standards, timeless and unchallenged, are the true inspiration for urban sportswear for both menswear and womenswear. Their collection is brought to life by a sporty spirit built on tradition and noble values.

Interpreting these noble values means starting with the basics. The 100% cotton sweater with no brushed loops is the real starting point. The logo is the second step. Traditional printing techniques used in combination with unusual crackle effects creates a more textured and three-dimensional look than previous collections. In addition to the “printed” theme, a series of embroideries and embellishments have been developed, made from various materials such as light fleece and jersey, sponge embroidery; applied  directly  to the garment or made separately using a support and then applied.
Virtus Palestre gives the sweatshirt, this iconic item of clothing, a completely new look; it becomes more refined and intricate through the addition of small details and ergo-fit designs. The logo itself is also more discrete, placed on an external label and positioned  at the bottom of the garment. 
For this edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo, VIRTUS Palestre will take part in a special project, a limited edition collection - BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS - of accessories and basics reinterpreted in a completely different way by lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni. In this context, VIRTUS Palestre presents a unisex long sleeve, jersey t-shirt, personalised by colourful and floral graphics, the real claim to the theme of this edition, 'BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS.' The VIRTUS Palestre t-shirt, only in ecru, and the cap will be sold from 13th June to 19th June on the first floor of La Rinascente store in Milan, where a Pitti Uomo corner will be recreated with a special pop-up store dedicated to the limited edition 'BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS.'